Nsfw2 Review

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I'm not entirely sure what prompted the creation of nsfw2, but from what I can gather, there was a bit of a falling out many years ago on the original /r/nsfw subreddit that lead to the creation of this one. /r/nsfw2 has been an active community for over 9 years now, and has curated thousands upon thousands of submissions that are all porn-focused and ready to be enjoyed. There aren't many rules on this subreddit and I think that's the main selling point: it's supposed to be easy for you to submit whatever you want and only a few restrictions on stuff like self-promotion and image hosts are imposed.

/r/nsfw2 is almost 99% picture-based, as there are no links allowed to video streaming services. WebMs are allowed, but they have to be put on Imgur, which can be a bit touch and go these days with regard to some pornographic content. It's quite clear that /r/nsfw2 has a thing for amateur, real girl content and Snapchat submissions. It should come as no surprise that skinny white teen girls are the main type of content here, but I have seen a few ebony babes and Asian ladies thrown into the mix too.

/r/nsfw2 currently boasts just over 135,000 subscribers and fresh submissions are made around 8 times per day. I don't think it's active enough for a repeat visit on a 24 hour cycle, but certainly subscribe and check back every so often to sort by top of the month for a look at what's hot in the world of amateur porn photography. Bottom line: if you like nubile cuties with great bodies, that's what you'll get inside this subreddit.