Real Girls Review

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For the longest time, /r/RealGirls was a place for people to share content of non-pornstars and other people that aren't paid to be sexy as a part of their everyday lives. You'd see a lot of hot amateur images from Facebook and Instagram shared – girls that looked great and were 'real', with no photoshop or any of that nonsense. It still has a decent level of that vibe being given off, but quite a lot of original material is also submitted by girls that want to get a little attention. I don't know how I feel about self-promoted 'real girl' content, but I think the good thing is the community doesn't take much rubbish, so anything that doesn't fit the bill gets downvoted quite quickly.

Real Girls' current subscriber numbers are around 820,000 accounts, making it one of the biggest NSFW subreddits out there. At the time of writing this review, around 50 new submissions had been made in the last 24 hours. I'd estimate that around 70% of the latest shares on /r/RealGirls is original content – this time last year, it would have been closer to 5%. Most of the pictures are selfies in bikinis, nude mirror shots and lingerie teasing. Content starring guys is not allowed, nor is stuff from camgirls, voyeur material or filtered pictures.

The simple rule of /r/RealGirls being a place for girls who are not paid to be pretty adds a certain level of eroticism to the content, because it lets you know that it's all about the exhibitionism and pleasure they get from putting themselves out there. It's one of my favourite places to go for non-hardcore content and I highly recommend it for people who love amateur, X-rated photos of gorgeous, sex-loving cuties.