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Are porn torrents worth using?

For a lot of people, porn torrents are a way to access a huge quantity of porn with very little effort or attention. The great thing about torrents is that you can get your hands on some really rare stuff from plenty of sources: there are no limits to what someone can upload via a torrent service. Now, what we've done here is compile a list of the best trackers for porn torrents – these are basically search engines that allow you to download the material that you're interested in. Naturally, we make sure that the porn torrent websites we recommend are easy to use, free of viruses and capable of being understood and utilized by people who aren't tech-savvy. Porn Guide knows that some people freak out when it comes to torrenting, but here, you've got nothing to fear!

What types of porn torrents are there?

Most of the recommended porn torrent trackers we've sourced have a large collection of options across a number of different categories. Whether it's teens, Asians, bikinis, public nudity or BDSM you're after, there's bound to be some porn torrent out there that satisfies your desire for that niche. Note that often, porn torrents will feature content that is from premium websites: we're not going to recommend that you download these because we're agnostic to the accessibility of porn, but we will recommend that if you find a torrent you like, you consider joining the site that it came from.

Now then: let's get down to business and take a look at the best porn trackers of 2018!

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