Lush Stories Review

#3 in Erotic Story

Lush Stories is a community-driven platform that specializes in erotic stories across a huge array of themes and niches that have all been submitted by people on the network. At the time of writing this review, Lush Stories had curated over 350,000 members who published 48,000 stories, 350,000 images and close to 3 million forum posts. Needless to say, activity here is nothing short of constant and enjoyable. I've always loved community focused projects and Lush Stories is exactly that. Think of yourself as a great writer of erotic fiction? Then be sure to sign up and contribute!

The site has multiple categories for you to pick from, including anal, cheating, cuckold, femdom and horror. I've always been a big supporter of the crowd selection concept, so be sure to hit the 'recommended' button on the sidebar to see stuff that has received a lot of votes from others that use the site. Lush Stories also has one little feature that many places do not: audio stories! Both men and women have submitted content in this area that you can access via MP3s. Lengths range anywhere from 300 to 5,000+ words.

It goes without saying that for a lot of erotic literature websites, their designs just aren't up to the modern aesthetic. Thankfully, Lush Stories is a little more practical in this respect and their navigation/layout is pretty good. Everything feels easy to look through and the pages load real quick. The only aspect here that doesn't beat out most other places is the size of their archives and average story length. In terms of raw number of words, Lush Stories is quite a bit behind other destinations, so for that reason, it's not #1. Still – a fantastic option if you want an erotic literature hub that's soft on the eyes.