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Does Tumblr even allow porn?

Come on now - don't be silly! It goes without saying that Tumblr's entire business model is based around allowing alt-types and artistic people to share their ideas about the world all while checking out some great porn as they do so. Tumblr might not be the greatest place to find professional material, but when it comes to amateur productions and the like, few have it as good as Tumblr does. People use this platform all the time to share their naughty side: if you're using Tumblr but not enjoying the porn on there, then something is seriously wrong with you!

How does Porn Guide rank the best Tumblr porn?

We've got a system and trust us: it's good! A number of metrics are considered for ranking our list of the best porn Tumblr blogs in 2018, but our main concern is whether or not it has the quantity and quality of pornography that our readers expect. Regular updates are important, as well as sticking to a central theme, filtering out all of the rubbish and giving the user a good experience. We like minimal styles where the aim is just to show off the porn that they've got and not much else, so expect to find a lot of 'lite' porn blogs here. Note that because of the niche nature of many choices here, we've tried to spread our recommendations quite far and wide. You're not only going to get one type of porn from our review list. As always: thank you for using Porn Guide - if you have any porn blogs from Tumblr that you think at the best in the business, contact us and we'll see if it's worth adding to our site.

1. TheLingerieAddictVisit Visit site

2. XxxSexxxVisit

Porn Gif / Porn Video For 18+ only. Follow to get the best porn gifs and submit your own. This blog contains sexual content and may therefore not be suitable for persons under 18 years of age. If you... Visit site

3. IsForPornVisit

I'm a young sex lover girl, who reblog all that make me and my husband horny. Feel free to reblog... Visit site

4. LadyCheekyVisit

With over 160,000 Tumblr followers and touted by, The Huffington Post and others as the #1... Visit site

5. PornForLadiesVisit

This is #porn. For ladies. At least we're trying. Visit site

6. StuffInMyVaginasVisit

This is a blog of my vagina with different things in it. That is all. Visit site

7. HotDirtySexyVisit

Models, whores & girl-next-doors.Definitely 18+ and NSFW (but you probably already figured that... Visit site