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Great free XXX videos
Download without an account
Pages load quickly


Low quality thumbnails
Poor or no pornstar profiles

#10 in Porn Tubes

Is You Jizz a Free Porn Site?

You Jizz is a totally free view and download porn tube offering straight, gay and trans porn. It’s free to browse, and free to register, and once you're signed in, you can upload your own favourite porn. This means You Jizz is also interactive. Members can make up a basic profile, share vids and leave comments. There are some handy account settings to enhance your time there, and you're guaranteed a range of resolutions in which to stream. Downloads are also free, and unlike some tube sites, You Jizz offers many full-length videos and not just clips.

How Many Movies Does You Jizz Have?

Jou Jizz states its number of videos in its keyword search box, and you can be assured it is accurate. There were over 4.6 million when I called in, and as the site adds new videos every day, there will be more by now. You Jizz is a huge site that costs you nothing but gives you a great service in return. After viewing it, it quickly became my favourite porn tube due to its size and quality.

  • Number of videos: 4,680,968.
  • Average length: 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Video quality: 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p
  • Play in-screen: Yes, you can keep the movie playing while you browse the page.
  • Number of photos: There is no photo area.
  • Can you upload your own content? Yes, once registered.
  • Can you subscribe to members’ channels? No.

Are There Many Porn Categories at You Jizz?

There are three main categories or sections at You Jizz, Straight, Gay and Trans porn. You can switch between them with ease, and each carries their own sub-list of categories and niches. It’s not the easiest page to use because it is a wall of words, but a tags page lists hundreds of sub-categories and shows you the number of videos per niche. You can also use the keyword search box (which is easier), and you will find linked category words beneath each video to help you filter and find the free content. Here are some examples of what you can find, and a few more details:

Straight categories include 18 + teen, Milf, Creampie, Blowjob, Ebony, Asian, Facials, Big Tits, Amateur, Big Ass, Hardcore, Natural Tits and Handjob.

Gay categories include Bareback, Doctor, Older & Younger, Daddy, Bear, Twink, 18+ Teen, Gangbang, Gloryhole, blowjob, Facials, Anal, Jock and Hunks.

Trans categories include Asian, Ladyboy, Shemale, Hardcore, Threesome, Blowjob, Cumshot and F to M.

Other Details:

  • Straight: Yes.
  • Gay: Yes.
  • Transgender: Yes.
  • Number of categories: Hundreds.
  • Category search: Yes.
  • Filters: None.
  • Country/region search: By Keyword.
  • Language search: Keyword.
  • Keyword search: Yes.
  • Trending tags: A page of trending videos

Is it Easy to Watch the Porn at You Jizz?

Yes. You simply head to one of the index pages, click a thumbnail and get to the streaming video page. There, you treat the stream as you would on any other site; click the start button, wait for the advert to play and watch. You will also find the download option there. What’s not so easy is finding exactly what you want from the millions of videos, but use a keyword search and you'll have to trouble getting to the You Jizz free porn.

  • Can you filter homemade from professional? Only by keyword searching.
  • Select length of movie: No.
  • Category sub lists: No.
  • Pre-playback adverts: Yes, average five seconds.
  • Pop-up adverts: One to start with.
  • Resolution settings: Yes, in player.
  • Playback speed settings: Yes.
  • Skip through streams: Yes.
  • Volume control: Yes.
  • Full screen mode: Yes.
  • Downloads: Only one option 640 x 360.
  • Upload date: Shown as however many days, months, years ago.
  • Number of views: No.
  • Number of likes: No.
  • Add to favourites: Yes.
  • Comments: Yes.
  • Embed: Yes.
  • Report: Yes.


  • Trending/popular searches: Trending page doesn't change even if you're in the gay or trans section, it still shows trending straight videos.
  • Trending porn stars: No, just an alphabetical list.
  • Recommended: No.
  • Hottest: Popular page.
  • Most viewed: No.
  • Top rated: Yes.
  • Playlists: No, you can’t make your own playlists.
  • Channels: Yes, switch channels in your account drop-down.
  • Random select: Yes.
  • Newest: Arranged in date order.
  • Viewers’ choice: No.

Other Features

  • VIP upgrade: No.
  • Change layout options: (Found under your account drop-down) Autoplay on/off, switch language, change theme from dark to light, set your preferred home page.
  • Social media linking: No.
  • FAQ page: No.
  • Online support: The Help page gives you an email address to contact.
  • Clear terms and conditions: Yes.
  • Privacy policy: Yes.
  • DMCA: Yes.
  • 2257: Yes.
  • Official merchandise/shop: No.

Live Cams

There are no live cams within You Jizz, but it links to You Jizz Live in a new tab so you can switch over to watch their live chat and cam site with ease. If you want free gay/trans chat and sex cams, then when you're in those sections of You Jizz, the link takes you to Streamen.

Porn Stars

Yes, You Jizz does host thousands of sexy porn stars, but they are not easy to find. It’s not a site that gives you profiles and bios. Instead, the Pornstars page is another wall of words; a massive list of girls and guys who appear in the videos somewhere. You're better off using the keyword search box to look for your favourite stars.

Is You Jizz a Self-Submit Porn Site?

You Jizz offers professional and amateur sex videos, and some of these have been uploaded by members. However, it’s not one of those self-submit home porn sites where couples back from holiday send in videos of themselves in hotel rooms, it’s more discerning than that. Once you’re registered, you can upload your own videos, though it can take two days for them to be processed, and they will have to meet a certain standard.

  • Estimated number of members: Hard to say, but You Jizz is a very popular site.
  • Model contests: No.
  • Community feed: No.
  • Top members: No.
  • Newest couples: No.
  • Newest girls: No.
  • Newest guys: No.
  • Can you see who’s online? No.
  • Can you search for members? Members can create profiles, and you can see the profile of the member who uploaded each video, but even with the top studios, I didn't see any completed profiles.

Does You Jizz Cost Money to Join?

No, there is no money involved in You Jizz. On the one hand, that makes it very popular and packed with free porn, but on the other, there’s no way to improve the quality of your service, by upgrading to a higher level of membership, for example. What you see is what you get, and what you get is a massive collection of 100% free porn clips, edits and full videos, compilations and sometimes even over one hour, or two movies connected in one file, and you get it all for free.


  • Free: Yes.
  • Username: Yes.
  • Password: Yes.
  • Valid email address: Yes.
  • Validate email address to be fully registered: Yes.

Once registered

  • Create profile: Yes, but very basic. You can add some text and an avatar.
  • Messaging: No.
  • Notifications: No.
  • My videos: Yes.
  • My favourites: Yes.
  • My playlists: No.
  • My photos: No.
  • Upload your content: Yes.
  • Privacy settings: Yes, you can choose not to have your profile public.


  • Detailed profile: No.
  • Security: Yes, good.
  • Account preferences: A few: Autoplay, Language, Theme, preferred home page.
  • Block list: No.
  • Delete account: You can edit your account with ease, but I didn't see a ‘delete account’ command.
  • Get Verified: Yes, you won't see much change, but you will be able to upload your videos.

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade at You Jizz?

There is on upgrading at You Jizz as there is no premium option. As I said, it’s a case of what you see is what you get.

Membership costs and Adverts

Membership to You Jizz is 100% free. In return, you have the adverts to contend with, but these are the same as on any other free porn tube.

Something that annoyed me about the adverts were the way they encroached into the wrong areas. For example, browsing the gay section, you still see straight porn adverts, and vice versa. The adverts are not always appropriate to the page you're on.


I had only one gripe about You Jizz and that was how the three sections overlap. When in the trans or gay section, some pages, such as Top and Trending, still show the same straight content as they do in the straight area. There are few filters and it’s not an easy site to search. However, when you're getting millions of free porn downloads, you can't complain.

Our Verdict on You Jizz

It’s a tale of two titties over at You Jizz. On the one hand, there are limited search and sort options, plenty of adverts, not all videos are 720p HD, and it plasters straight content throughout the gay and trans sections. On the other hand, though, there are millions of free videos to stream and download, loads of HD ones up to 720p, and hundreds of new videos each week. Members can add their own at no cost, and what you see is what you get. That’s a heap of 100% free porn from a simple tube site that costs you nothing to browse or use, and you get to download as much porn as you want for no money.

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