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What is RedTube?

RedTube says it is ‘The largest library of porn on the network’, and then adds, ‘We’re not kidding.’ They’re not! RedTube is a massive collection of free porn clips, movies and pornstars with content from all the major adult sites, straight, gay and trans. It offers millions of free, streaming videos, loads of user-friendly functions, interactivity and frequent updates. You can register (free) to see more, and later, opt to take their upgrade for even more porn and a more intense service. Whether you're after pussy pounding hotties, kinky fetish porn, gay bareback or trans sex, you find it all on Red Tube.

Is RedTube Popular?

RedTube is owned by MindGeek, probably the largest porn company in the world, and they also operate Porn Hub. RedTube benefits from their knowledge and, thus, is a well-advertised and very well-run free pornography sharing site that operates at the highest standards. It’s usually within Alexa’s top 100 rankings and rightly so. It receives well over 100 million unique visitors a year and probably has at least that number of users. When you join the sex party at RedTube, you know you're not alone, you've got years’ worth of porn to view, and it’s going to cost you nothing. No wonder RedTube is so popular.

  • Number of videos: Millions.
  • Average length: Two to 90 minutes. (Average, 25 to 20.)
  • Video quality: 240p, 480p, 720p, 1080p. (4K when a premium member.)
  • Play in-screen: Yes.
  • Number of photos: No photo section.
  • Can you upload your own content? No.
  • Can you subscribe to members’ channels? Yes.

What Free Porn Can I Find on RedTube?

RedTube covers the three main categories of porn: Straight, Gay and Trans, and you can switch between them. Within them are hundreds of sub-niches, from anal to fetish, from lesbian to POV, and all the major categories are represented.

  • Straight: Yes.
  • Gay: Yes.
  • Transgender: Yes.
  • Number of categories: 70 straight and trans, 34 gay.
  • Popular categories include: Amateur, Lesbian, POV, Milf, Hunk, Hardcore, Creampie, Foot Fetish, BBW, 18 + Teens.
  • Category search: Yes.
  • Filters: Age, Ethnicity, Appearance, can be used within the model index to filter models according to your taste.
  • Country/region search: yes.
  • Language search: Yes.
  • Keyword search: Yes.
  • Trending tags: Yes.

Is it Easy to Watch Free Sex at RedTube?

Yes. Content can be viewed by channel (the studio or site providing the content), by pornstars, or by category, and there are many search and find functions.

  • Can you filter homemade from professional? You can select Amateur or Pornstar.
  • Select length of movie: Yes.
  • Category sub lists: Yes.
  • Pre-playback adverts: Yes, average of five seconds.
  • Pop-up adverts: Yes.
  • Resolution settings: Yes.
  • Playback speed settings: Yes.
  • Skip through streams: Yes.
  • Volume control: Yes.
  • Full screen mode: Yes.
  • Upload date: No.
  • Number of views: Yes.
  • Number of likes: Yes.
  • Add to favourites: Yes.
  • Comments: Yes.

RedTube Additional Features

RedTube also has other nifty features to make your viewing run smoothly. It’s worth taking time to explore, and by holding your pointer over the left menu, you will see other options appear in hidden drop-down lists. Movies come with subtitles, there are tag words on viewing pages for easy filtering, suggested videos and loads of other interactive options. Here are a few more:


  • Trending/popular searches: Yes.
  • Trending porn stars: yes.
  • Recommended: Yes.
  • Hottest: Yes.
  • Most viewed: Yes.
  • Top rated: Yes.
  • Playlists: Yes.
  • Channels: Yes.
  • Random select: No.
  • Newest: Yes.

Other Features

  • VIP upgrade: Yes.
  • Change layout options: Yes, under your profile.
  • Social media linking: yes.
  • FAQ page: Yes.
  • Online support: Yes.
  • Clear terms and conditions: yes.
  • Privacy policy: Yes.
  • DMCA: Yes.
  • 2257: Yes.
  • Official merchandise/shop: No.

What live cam sites does RedTube advertise, use or lead to?

Within the RedTube menu is a Live Cams button. This will lead you to Live HD Cams (from the straight section), or Streamen if you’re in the gay section at the time you click, or TS Mate if you are in the trans section. You will need to register to use these sites that come with some free viewing.

Does RedTube feature porn stars?

Indeed it does. Its content comes from the likes of Brazzers, Roco Siffredi, Bang Bros, Adult Time, Team Skeet, Lets Do It, Evil Angel and Dorcel, so you will find hundreds of stars. In the gay section, you’ll find content from Say Uncle, Family Dick,, Pride Studios, Next Door, and Blake Mason, plus many others. The trans channels are contained within the straight section/channels area.

Check the model index per section and you will see who is currently top of the members’ polls. Lana Rhoades, Mia Khalifa, Angels White, Brandi Love and Eva Elfie are currently top of the girls’ list. Joey Mills, Rocco Steel, William Seed, Austin Young and Johnny Rapid are tops for the boys. Models come with some stats and details.

Can I get Involved with RedTube Members?

Yes, you can send message, like profiles and make friends. There’s a Community area linked in the main left hand menu, and there, you can see who is a registered and verified member of the community club. There were 73,502 verified members in my region and over 6 million throughout the site.

  • Community feed: Yes.
  • Top members: Yes.
  • Newest couples: Yes.
  • Newest girls: Yes.
  • Newest guys: Yes, but everything defaults to ‘straight’ in the members’ community area, so making gay or trans friends is tricky.
  • Popular verified members: Yes.
  • Can you see who’s online? Yes.
  • Can you search for members? Yes.
  • Can you block and/or report members? Yes.

Is RedTube Free to Join?

If you are already a member of Porn Hub, you don’t need to register with RedTube. However, if you're not, then registration is simple and free. You need to have a valid email address, but that’s it. When you register, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions.


  • Free: Yes.
  • Username: Yes, you invent this.
  • Password: Yes.
  • Valid email address: Yes.
  • Validate email address to be fully registered: Yes.

Once registered

  • Create profile: Yes, gender, interest, country, tastes, likes, interests, hobbies, photo/avatar, but that’s all optional.
  • Messaging: Yes.
  • Notifications: If subscribed to the email list.
  • My videos: Yes.
  • My favourites: Yes.
  • My playlists: Yes.
  • My photos: No.
  • Upload your content: No.


  • Detailed profile: Yes, optional.
  • Security: Good.
  • Account preferences: Yes. Detailed settings options.
  • Block list: No.
  • Delete account: Yes.
  • Get Verified: Yes.

Can I Upgrade for More Porn at RedTube?

Yes. RedTube offers a premium service to anyone who has registered for the basic, free viewing service. Included in the upgrade are:

  • Free week on RedTube premium.
  • Exclusive content from top porn studios
  • HD videos at 1080p and 4K
  • No adverts
  • Virtual Reality porn
  • Full-length DVDs

Premium access costs.

  • Monthly membership: $9.99 recurring.
  • Annual membership: $95.95 recurring (equivalent of $7.99 per month).
  • Other options: No
  • Payment method: Credit card.
  • Free trial: Advert free first week.


After spending some time at Red Tube, I found only a few issues that aren’t immediately apparent:

Heading to ‘Home’ defaults to the straight porn, even if you register as a man interested in men or trans content. I couldn't find a way to change this. The same happens under the Community section; straight only, it seems. Videos cut out before the cum shots. Older content is of variable quality.

Note: There is a very good help and support department should you have any issues.

Is RedTube Better Than Other Free Porn Tubes?

To answer that you need to take a look at exactly what RedTube offers, but if you've already joined Porn Hub, you'll already know it, as they are virtually the same thing. However, you may find new and different videos on RedTube, and you can meet new and different porn lovers and hook up as online friends. Red Tube holds quality videos, in the main, is easy to use, and is packed with interactive functions. It leans toward the straight section whenever you go from community to home, or vice versa, and that’s annoying if you're exploring gay or trans, but otherwise, you get a smooth clean ride with only the standard advertising. Those things aside, I'd say RedTube is as good as other free porn tubes, if not better.

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