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Quick results
Many sections including Yahoo mail and news
Free articles including porn news
Safe and fun to use


Pages contain a lot of advertising

#6 in Search Engines


You might think of Yahoo as just another search engine, but you’d be wrong. It’s more like an online magazine-cum-general resource for users, and it’s actually an excellent place to find porn. Apart from its news, free email service, and magazine-style interface that includes articles, news and finance, it can be used to find free adult movies and photos. That’s what I was interested in when I had a dig around, and the first thing I found was its search function returned different results to those I usually find when searching for free porn. The search result pages look the same as other search engines, but it must use different algorithms because its results are more interesting. Yahoo is also very easy to use and, of course, 100% free to search.


The main Yahoo site looks like an online magazine with adverts, articles, a menu leading to various interesting sections, and its email service. But, it also has its search function, and that’s what we are most interested in. You know how you search for ‘free porn’ and find the same-old same-old? Well, with Yahoo, you can find different results, even though its search feature works in exactly the same way as other major players. You can filter results by videos, books, images etc., and it returns results from your keywords at the speed of light. Registering for free and signing in will give you more search options and more options for how you see the results, but you still get masses of ideas for your free porn from a different search engine throwing back results you may not have seen before. I had no hassles using Yahoo search and found it made a change from the engine I usually use.

Content & Updates

If you start at the main Yahoo hub, you will see pages that look like and online magazine. These cover all manner of subjects including news, finance, sport, entertainment, life, shopping, and a subscription service where you can tailor-make the site to suit your browsing needs. What you don't find is a section for adult movies or porn, because it’s not a porn site. However, if you use the search box, you will find the varied and often different results I mentioned above. Meanwhile, you will also find features such as top lists, what’s trending, the weather and other handy tools. The Yahoo search engine lets you see results by date, there are the standard sections of videos, pics etc., and the ‘more’ option which covers shopping and more localised results. Signing up to use the engine in more detail is free, and as we’d expect, you can change your privacy settings. The engine is also bug-free and well maintained.

Our Verdict

Yahoo is more than a search engine where you can find free porn. It is also a site, community, email service, and a one-stop place for all your browsing needs. However, when using its fast and well-maintained search engine, you will find different results than those you are used to. It still returns the top recommendations in free porn, but use its filters and other features, and you can really focus on exactly what you want to find. Flexible, easy to use and a change from the usual search engines, looking for free porn on Yahoo is easy, fast and safe.

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