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Quick registration process
Easy to navigate and use


Limited profile
Lots of advertising
Limited service without upgrade

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What is XXX Dating?

XXX Dating is a simple dating app you can use on your desktop and phone. It has a brief registration process before you can access the site and browse, and it has a different feel than many other dating sites. Being smaller, it feels more friendly, but then, it has a lot of advertising. It also plugs into a live cam site, and sometimes your search results are cam models and not genuine sex searchers. XXX Dating is easy enough to use, though it’s full of adverts, and the search results are not always accurate. Read on to find out more details about XXX Dating.

Registration and Getting Started (what you first see)

The first thing you need to do at XXX Dating is sign up for a free account. Without doing this, you can go no further. I had a problem getting the first form to accept my email address; it kept telling me it was invalid when I knew full well it wasn't. In the end, I used a Gmail address, and it worked fine. As soon as the form was sent, I received a validation email (in my spam box), and this had to be seen and replied to before I could move to step two.

Step one

On the home page, complete the requested form which asks for:

  • Gender: Yes.
  • Register as a couple: No.
  • Looking for: Yes.
  • Birth date: Yes.
  • Country/Location: Yes.
  • State: Zip code (USA), or City.
  • Email address: Yes.
  • Chose a username: Yes.
  • Create Password: Yes.
  • Mobile number: (Recommended.)
  • Agree terms and conditions: Yes.

How To set up your Profile at XXX Dating

Step two of the setup at XXX Dating is the profile page and automatic prompts suggest you start with a profile before you've had a chance to look at the site. Some of the requested information is obligatory, while other sections of your profile are not, it’s up to you how much you fill out. The more you add, though, the more hits and likes you're going to get, and your search results will be more accurate if your profile is accurate.

Profile details and what you can add:

Page one holds the information you’ve already filled out, plus it asks for a title of a few words, and an intro text of at least 20 characters, and a text saying what/who you are looking for. Then, you click the large red button and registration is done. Almost.

The next page advertises the upgrade and gives you details of XXX Dating’s address. I’ll tell you more about the upgrade below, but first, we’re keen to explore the site and see if we can add anything more to the profile page, as it’s been basic so far, and not like other dating sites. Here’s what you can add to your profile:


  • Add photo: Yes.
  • I am seeking: Yes.
  • Looking for: Yes.
  • Change username: Yes.
  • Location: Yes, country, city.
  • Intro texts. Yes, and you can always change them.
  • List of personal features. Height, weight, marital status, etc.


This is like a survey page and holds questions about bedroom interests, the kind of sex you like, personal experiences, role-playing, and what you won't do in the bedroom. All these are optional, but the more you fill in, the more interesting your profile becomes, and the more hits and responses you are likely to get.

Does XXX Dating have many Members, Photos and Videos?

It’s hard to say the exact number of registered and upgraded members at XXX Dating because the site doesn't tell us, but it did show me the number of people online during my visit with its ‘Who’s Online’ page. There were 859 members online. Over in the ‘Hottest Members’ search area, there were 59,027 members listed. Some of these members had photos attached to their profiles, but you have to be a registered member to see the full-sized images.

  • The search function lets you search the galleries for private pics, and I found:
  • 9,336 Female.
  • 32,880 Male.
  • 456 Couples.
  • 18 groups.

You must register to get to see these images as more than thumbnails, and the men had more on show than the women; many of the ladies’ photos were marked as private.

  • Registered members: Unknown.
  • Photos: Yes.
  • Videos: No.
  • Can I add photos: Yes.
  • Can I add videos: No.
  • Search: Yes.
  • Members’ webcams: No.
  • Chat rooms: No.
  • Community extras: No.
  • Top lists and what’s hot: Yes.
  • Instant messenger: Yes.
  • Stream live cam: No.

Members’ profile pages hold:

  • Profile information.
  • Send Email.
  • Become a buddy option.
  • Send a flirt.
  • Instant message.
  • Member’s photos.
  • Recent updates.
  • List of buddies.
  • More info.

How Easy is it to Search XXX Dating?

Searching is easy with three options in the drop-down menu; member search, hottest members, and view galleries. You can use various filters to refine your search, but having tried out some of them, I found the search results were not always accurate. For example, I searched in New York, and received results for girls and guys living in Bulgaria and Egypt. Make sure your profile is complete to avoid this confusion.


Here are your questions answered about the XXX Dating search functions where the filters include:

  • Find a…: Yes.
  • Who is looking for a…: Yes.
  • Age: Yes. You set the range.
  • Location/distance: ‘Near.’ You enter the city/region by hand.
  • Online members: Yes.
  • Instant message: No.
  • Only with photos: Yes.
  • Only with videos: N/A.
  • Verified/confirmed members: Yes.
  • Premium members: No.
  • Save search criteria: No.
  • Search by username: No.
  • Advanced search options are available to registered/upgraded users.

Results Display

  • Thumbnails: Yes.
  • Name: Yes.
  • Location: Yes.
  • Change view: No, you can't change the page layout.
  • Filters: No.
  • Roll-over pop-up info: No, but you can click to the members’ profile pages.

What are the Main Areas of XXX Dating?

Working across the top menu of XXX Dating you find the standard features of any dating site, though not always as many detailed options as you find on other sites. The very top menu holds icons that link you to your messages, people who have viewed your profile (after an upgrade), and your profile details. There are also links to a live cam site that looks as though it’s part of XXX Dating. Your main menu holds the following:

  • Messages: Yes.
  • Link to profile: Yes.
  • Who’s online: Yes.
  • Find Members: Member search, hottest members, view galleries.
  • Buddies: (Your connected friends.) View buddies, Approved buddies. Pending, Blocked users.
  • Live Cams. Yes.
  • Text. ‘Buy tokens’ and ‘spin the wheel.’ You can win free tokens and discounts every day. These, I assume, are for the live cam shows.

What Nifty Extra Features does XXX Dating Provide?

XXX Dating offers few extra features. There is a live cam add-in, and you can use the ‘Spin the wheel’ function to gain free tokens, though more likely, a 10% discount on buying tokens. There are also three menu links to ‘Buy Viagra’, a porn survey and ‘How to Fuck’, which lead to third-party sites, so they are not really added features.

Upgrade to Full Membership

Now we come to the nitty gritty, because like all dating sites, there is only so much you can do for free at XXX Dating. You can register for free, but need to upgrade to see photos, full profiles, and to use certain other features such as the advanced search. Here’s what the upgrade page tells us you can do once you have upgraded:

  • View all Profiles and Photos.
  • Send Mail Messages.
  • Send Instant Messages.
  • Create Private 1-on-1 Chats.
  • Unlimited Buddy Invites/Requests.
  • Be Featured on All Search Results.
  • View Public and Private Galleries.
  • Watch LIVE Featured Performers.
  • Expedited Customer Support.

Is XXX Dating Free to Join?

Yes, the initial registration and browsing is free at XXX Dating, but to get the most from the site, you're asked to sign up for the upgrade. The price for this is reasonable and similar to other dating sites, and once signed up, you can get all the benefits listed above.

Note: There are two cross-sales on the sign-up page. Unless you uncheck these, you will automatically be signed up to Date Match (for $1.95 recurring at $22.95 every 30 days) and Naughty Access (for $0.95, recurring at $27.94 every 30 days). You must, though, agree the terms and conditions before moving forward.

Membership packages

Clicking ‘Upgrade Now’ takes you straight to the online payment form where there are three membership package options. My prices showed in Euros but were the same as the prices in US dollars, but the displayed costs may vary according to your location and local currency.

  • Option one: $24.95 for 30 days.
  • Option two: $69.95 for 90 days.
  • Option three: $2.95 for a three-day membership. If not cancelled within three days, this trial will recur at $29.95 per month.


Payments are by credit/debit card only.

Tip: If you check out the payment page and then use your back button before signing up, you will see an advertisement for a 10% discount which you can collect and use to go back and sign up.

Is XXX Dating a Safe Dating site for Privacy?

As far as I can see, XXX Dating is as safe and private as any other online dating site. You can make yourself anonymous with an invented username, and most members do, and you only have to display the information you want other people to know. So, your privacy is up to you. The site has a privacy policy and an anti-spam policy, plus, it holds to the European DMCA notice.

Help, Support and Other Links.

  • Privacy policy: Yes.
  • Terms of use: Yes.
  • USC 2577: No.
  • Feedback: No.
  • Contact form: The contact link takes you to a simple FAQ search, and I didn't see an email address or other contact details.
  • Help: Yes.
  • Site language selection: No.
  • Corporate info: No.

What’s the Bottom Line at XXX Dating?

As someone who has tested many dating sites, I have to say that XXX Dating is one of the simpler ones. Everything on it works just fine, and it appears to have many users. The upgrade costs compare well to other, better-known dating sites, but it holds more intrusive adverts (a pop-up when you click certain links, for example), side adverts, and links to cam sites within your search results. As with all dating sites, there is only so much you can do for free, but there are handy ways to search and contact other members. The pages may have an old-fashioned-looking design, and there are not many nifty extras, but I found no technical faults. If you want simple and fast matches and hookups, then XXX Dating is worth a test drive, and costs little to up upgrade and get the full benefit.

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