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What is Porn Heed and is it Worth Visiting?

Porn Heed is a collection of over 76,900 videos clips from third party contributors all hosted in one place. It’s got an old-fashioned look to it, but it’s not packed with adverts, and it doesn’t suffer from pop-ups. However, there are some functions currently unavailable, and we’re not sure how much more free porn it’s going to add. Porn Heed offers clips from released porn DVDs and from sites, and lets you stream them before heading over to that site for more information. There is a strong community feel to it too, and it looks like the more you put in, the more you will get out. You’re able to upload your own porn when that function is operating again.

How Big and Popular is Porn Heed

Porn Heed currently states it has 2,351 members. It states its number of videos as 79,933 right now, and it has a lot of index pages. According to its arrangement of newest videos, updates were happening as recently as two days ago, and it holds a mix of amateur porn, porn submitted by members, and homemade porn too. Read on for more information about Porn Heed.

  • Number of videos: 79,933.
  • Average length: Between two minutes and 60 minutes. Average around 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Video quality: Mixed.
  • Play in-screen: Yes.
  • Number of photos: Thousands.
  • Are there Gifs? No.
  • Can you upload your own content? Apparently, though the function wasn't working.
  • Can you subscribe to members’ channels? Yes.

What are the Main Free Porn Categories at Porn Heed?

Porn Heed appears to cover everything from straight porn to gay to trans. However, it’s not easy to separate the areas, and when I tried, I still found mixed-genre results. There are category lists, and you'll find all your favourites such as Hardcore, Amateurs, Milf, 18 + Teen, Asians, Lesbian, Porn Stars and the rest. There are some rarer categories in the list too including Arabian porn. The numbers of videos per heading varies, and the category page is not as large as you’d expect; you’re better off using the keyword search to find what you're looking for.

  • Straight: I'd say it was mostly straight porn.
  • Gay: Hmm… ‘Gay’ keyword search returns some, but lots of trans and straight porn mixed in.
  • Transgender: Ditto when you search for trans content.
  • Number of categories: 17.
  • Popular categories include: Incest, Mature, French, Milf, Amateur, Boobs, Group.
  • Category search: Yes.
  • Filters: Latest, most viewed, runtimes and date added, most discussed.
  • Country/region search: Only French and Spanish.
  • Language search: French, English & Spanish.
  • Keyword search: Yes.
  • Trending tags: No.

How do you Watch Free Porn at Porn Heed?

Simply head to the site and click a thumbnail. That’s one way to start, and another is to register, but you will see the same content. The videos and photo galleries are set out over numbered index pages, and there are several browsing tools, and you won't find any adverts to wade through before you get to the viewing page. Once there, though, you will usually have a short advert before the stream starts, and although there is a download icon, this only started the stream, so I wasn't able to find a download option, even once registered.

  • Can you filter homemade from professional? By keyword.
  • Select length of movie: There are a few filters for runtime.
  • Category sub lists: No.
  • Pre-playback adverts: Yes, average five seconds.
  • Pop-up adverts: No.
  • Resolution settings: No.
  • Playback speed settings: No.
  • Skip through streams: Yes.
  • Volume control: Yes.
  • Full screen mode: Yes.
  • Upload date: Yes, as in ‘three hours ago’ or ‘nine years ago.’
  • Number of views: No.
  • Number of likes: Yes.
  • Add to favourites: Add to collection. Same thing.
  • Comments: Yes.


  • Trending/popular searches: No.
  • Trending porn stars: Most viewed.
  • Recommended: Featured.
  • Hottest: No.
  • Most viewed: Yes.
  • Top rated: No.
  • Playlists: ‘Collections.’
  • Channels: No.
  • Random select: No.
  • Newest: Yes.
  • Viewers’ choice: No.

Other Features

  • VIP upgrade: No.
  • Change layout options: No.
  • Social media linking: Embed code.
  • FAQ page: No.
  • Online support: Contact via email.
  • Clear terms and conditions: No.
  • Privacy policy: No.
  • DMCA: Yes, brief.
  • 2257: No.
  • Official merchandise/shop: No.

What live cam sites does Porn Heed advertise, use or lead to?

I didn't see any obvious adverts for live sex and cam sites.

Does Porn Heed feature porn stars?

Yes, there is a porn star area with 952 girls and guys listed. These include top names, as you would expect, and top of the most viewed list were Lisa Ann, Tori Black, and Eva Angelina. You can see how many views they have had, and easily link to their videos, but there are no stats or details.

Does Porn Heed Have Community Elements?

On the face of it, Porn Heed looks to be very interactive. You have to give certain information before you register, and there is an area where you can see members’ profiles. You can also fill out some basic info about yourself, and send messages. The system looks to be pretty basic, though, and not many members have put information. Once registered, you can contact other members and subscribe to their collections.

  • Estimated number of members: 2,351 at March 2023.
  • Model contests: No.
  • Community feed: No.
  • Top members: No.
  • Newest couples: No.
  • Newest girls: Yes.
  • Newest guys: Yes.
  • Popular verified models: N/A.
  • Can you see who’s online? No.
  • Can you search for members? Yes.

Is Porn Heed Really Free to Join?

Yes, Porn Heed is free to view and to join. In fact, you don't even have to register to watch the videos or see the pics, but if you do, you will find other benefits, and once a member, you can get much more involved. Registration can take a while because it requires you to enter lots of information. You may not want to give this straight away, but there is no choice. Here are the details of what you do and what you get in return when you take a free Porn Heed membership.


  • Free: Yes.
  • Username: Yes.
  • Password: Yes.
  • Confirm password: Yes.
  • Valid email address: Yes.
  • Validate email address to be fully registered: Yes.

Extra info:

  • Sexuality: Optional.
  • Here for videos, picture, community, friends, adult dating? Optional.
  • Birthday: Required
  • Gender: Optional.
  • Country: Required
  • Description: Optional.
  • Profile picture: Required
  • Featured links (if you create a pro account)
  • Enter image code to prove you are real: Required.

Once registered

There are many settings to play with once you are registered. The pages look basic, and aren’t very modern in design, but everything seems to work.

  • Create profile: Yes.
  • Messaging: Yes.
  • Notifications: Yes.
  • My videos: Yes.
  • My favourites: Yes.
  • My playlists: No, but collections.
  • My photos: Yes.
  • Upload your content: Yes, but the option was not available during my time at Porn Heed.


  • Detailed profile: No.
  • Security: Seems fine.
  • Account preferences: No.
  • Block list: No.
  • Delete account: I assume.
  • Get Verified: Yes.

How much does it cost to upgrade at Porn Heed?

There is no upgrade option. Porn Heed looks like a small operation, and doesn't try and force upgraded membership on you, so it remains 100% free.

What’s the Lowdown on Porn Heed Free Porn?

Porn Heed offers you free porn clips and scenes from a variety of professional porn sites and studios, plus amateur and self-submit content. It's a pretty basic site that lets you stream the content, and appears to be adding more as the days go by. Online since 2009, it reports a good number of porn videos, and a large section of photos, but doesn't have many members, and the site looks like it could do with an overhaul. There are some unusual categories here, and some hard-to-find porn, not much advertising, and although it’s simple, everything seemed to work, apart from the upload system. Worth a look, but don’t expect anything professional or dazzling from its interface, just a lot of free hardcore, mainly straight porn.

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