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Nutaku is a gaming station where you sign up for free, enter the members’ area and find a heap of online sexy games to enjoy, watch or, in some cases, download. Not all of them are there for downloading, but there’s enough here to keep you hard and amused for hours. As a member, you can set up a profile too, and follow other games as you immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Hentai. You’re looking at free Hentai games, after all, and with their naughty, sexy characters and a wide variety of Hentai sex games, you've got plenty of horny exploring to do at Nutaku.


Apart from the adult Hentai games themselves, Nutaku has some awesome features and numbers. It attracts over eight million visitors per month, and its users come from all over the world, making it truly international. They also make sure the games on offer are those developed by the world’s leading games experts and creators, so you have quality Hentai games to play. Another plus point is its simple registration process, which is free, and which doesn't ask you for any unnecessary information. Once registered, you have 100 free bonus coins as a gift so you can instantly start your game playing. (When you verify your email address, you get 200 free coins.)

Content & Updates

The typical thrust of these games is the cutsie, young heroine, and it’s usually up to you what happens to her, and that’s where the sexy stuff starts. Among the games currently on offer are classics such as Booty Farm, a dating sim game, and Fap CEO. You also have games where you battle evil, such as Project QT, and sci-fi games like Cosmic Shock League. It’s not all boobs and battles, though, you might want to play Limerick Heroines with its crosswords RPG theme, but then you might also want to get sexy and hard with Hentai porn games like Boob Run Deluxe. Whatever gaming you're into, if it's Adult, Hentai and decent quality, you're going to find it at Nutaku.


Nutaku lets you download some of its games, but you will have to pay for these. This, you do with coins, and to add to your free 100, you can buy these in various packages. They start at $10.00 for 1,000 coins, and although you can buy larger packages, you are always paying $10.00 per 1,000. The cost of downloads varies.

Our Verdict

Nutaku is the number one place to go for online Hentai porn games and adult gaming entertainment. It holds a wide variety of all kinds of games, but only those suitable for adults. It’s principally Hentai, it has members and developers from all over the world, and not just Japan, and when it comes to registration, it's free and simple. Downloading some games is possible for a reasonable price, and you're not going to find any technical issues with the site. Make Nutaku your one-stop shop for all adult Hentai games.

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