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Since 2006, Hentai Foundry has been the #1 place for budding and established artists to show their work. Now, it is a massive collection of drawings, toons, stories, comics, anime and hentai, with a wide range of categories and styles. Anyone can come along and browse the pages, see individual pics and download them, but to get the best from the site, you should sign up and create a profile; especially if you are an artist who wants to get their work seen by a wider public. The second central part of Hentai Foundry is its well-attended forum, and it’s a place where the more you contribute, the more you will get out of it. Of course, you can also just register for free and enjoy the high-class hentai and anime that’s on offer.


As well as offering great quality hentai porn, the Foundry comes with a great members’ interface and a wide set of features that help you find, filter and enjoy everything that’s on offer. There’s an advanced search engine, keyword searching and a long list of categories. There are many details about each piece and page, with the artists’ details and other useful information. It’s easy to navigate from one area to the next, download solo pics and leave behind comments. The forum is easy to use, though it’s best opened in a separate tab, so you don't get too far away from the porn art. Content sample images are marked with icons to show you what kind of porn it is (male/female, girl/girl, etc.), and you can see top lists of what’s new and what’s hot. The homepage also comes with an area for site news, and the whole thing is kept right up to date.

Content & Updates

As the home page shows you only what’s new, popular and featured from a huge collection, you might want to discover exactly what’s on offer from the category page. Here, you find the content is arranged into Anime/Manga, Cartoons, Games, Miscellaneous and Original. You can also browse users and submissions. Each of the main categories then has a list of sub-categories where you can find everything from fairy tales to fuck stories, creatures to humans, and some of these categories expand further to give you, for example, Gundam, Naruto, and Pokémon-based stories and toons. There are no numbers given, so there’s no content count, and you have to find the content via its category. That’s actually a good idea, because there is so much here, you could be browsing for hours until you stumble upon what you wanted to find. And, whatever that is, as long as it’s hentai, manga, anime or artistic depictions of porn in some form, you're going to find at it Hentai Foundry.

Our Verdict

As a free resource and collection of excellent hentai porn, Hentai Foundry is an excellent place to go to find some pics to save and get off with, or some stories to read and enjoy. However, its founding principles are what makes it extra special; the way it encourages artists to share their work, while ensuring high-quality content only gets through the screening process. They are strict on copyright violations, but also allow some controversial hentai (racist porn, for example), so you need to be prepared for that. If you want to check out an excellent free hentai site, though, then you've found the Foundry, and the hard work has been done for you.

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