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Top-class magazine for men
World-renowned contributors
Well ordered and easy to browse
Very reasonable subscription packages


Paid-up members get more to read

#4 in Adult Magazines


Men’s Health magazine was first published in the USA in 1987. Since then, it has gone into print in 26 international versions, and has its own online presence. This gives you the same as you get with the off-the-shelf print magazine, but you don’t have to leave your home to find it. You can subscribe for various features at a range of prices (see the screencaps), or you can browse the free sections of the site. When you do, you will find articles and opinion pieces, information about health, lifestyle, fitness, entertainment and grooming, and you will find content written by top journalists. It's a well-edited, highly successful magazine, and you can access much of it for free.


Men’s Health Magazine has five main categories: Health, Entertainment, Fitness, Style and Grooming and these are listed on the top menu. An expandable side menu also gives you direct links to sections about workouts, weight loss, sex & relationships, technology, gear, style and nutrition, so the mag covers everything of interest to today’s discerning gentleman. The site also has the standard features of an online magazine site, namely a newsletter you can subscribe to, standard terms and conditions of use, a shop, and promotions, but these are not pop-up adverts but special offers for readers. Everything is well laid out, and the site is easy to use, giving you no technical issues to worry about.

Content & Updates

Men’s Health is a free online magazine that comes with the option to register and pay to view the full content. However, there is plenty here that is 100% free, and the site includes videos as well as written articles and their photographs. Contributions come from professional journalists and commentators, as well as celebrities from time to time, and these articles, as we’ve seen, cover all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Men’s Health is not restricted to health and fitness, however, and carries articles about all aspects of a man’s life. Among its pages, you will find exercise routines, diets, grooming tips, entertainment news and gossip, plus exclusive articles about wellness, sexual health and even fashion.

Our Verdict

Being one of the world’s top magazines for men, but without being a glossy, top-shelf magazine like Playboy or Penthouse, Men’s Health focuses on your well-being, rather than your porn needs. It offers a free collection of articles and features, but also has a subscription service where, for a few dollars per month, you can access everything on offer. Prices start at £9.99 for six months, so it’s not costly, and you can either register for the online version or have the print version delivered to your home. Prices may vary by country. You’re going to find the best in men’s health articles and opinion pieces, helpful videos, and all male-related subjects are covered, from sexual health to fashion.

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