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Do adult magazines even exist anymore?

While it might be hard to go to a shop and pick up an adult magazine with lots of X-rated features and the like, there is no shortage of Internet-based website magazines that offer the same experience in a digital format. There was a clear transition a few years back from traditional print-based porn into the new world of adult material, where you just have to go online to grab the articles, racy photo-shoots and so on that you desire. At Porn Guide, we've made the tough task of finding the best adult magazines for 2018 an easy one. This list and reviews are going to show you that not only do adult magazines still exist, but they're better than ever thanks to the Internet!

How do you rate these various online magazines?

How established the name is, what type of content they produce, the site's ease of access, article quality and mobile accessibility are just a few of the things that we look at here on Porn Guide. We've pulled out all of the stops to ensure that only the good destinations are covered: we don't want you to be visiting a second-rate destination that fails to provide you with the high tier of adult magazine pleasure you expect from a great website. It's also important to note that these online mags should contain a good level of erotic eye candy: if you're going to be in the game of pleasuring dudes, you better have the content to back it up!

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AVN Magazine is to the porn industry what Billboard is to records. As well as giving you all the news on what’s happening in the world of porn, it hosts an awards ceremony each year in Las Vegas where it honours the stars and producers of the adult industry. It has been running for many years and is considered the top magazine for the porn industry. On its site, you'll find a blog where you get the latest news and insider information, a list of porn stars both male and female, and links to their work, the awards, and other priceless information about porn and everything that goes into its making. It’s the number one magazine for all things pornographic, and has a stellar reputation for accuracy.

AVN Review

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Catering to the modern man with content that promises to seduce, entertain and continuously surprise readers.

Maxim Review

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3.Play BoyVisit

There is more to Playboy than its magazine. With this link, you can set up an account to receive and see Playboy magazine online, you can subscribe to the Playboy TV channel, sign-up for Playboy Plus, and even shop at the Playboy store. Dress like a playboy, hang out with playmates, follow the lifestyle of the rich and famous and become one of them as you spend time with the world’s top models. Playboy has it all. Whether you want to buy your own playmate some new lingerie, treat yourself to some swanky extras, or simply view the 20,000 galleries and videos Playboy has on offer on its membership site. Your playboy lifestyle starts here.

Play Boy Review

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4.Mens HealthVisit

Men’s Health Magazine has been in publication for many years now, and has its own site that’s just as good as the print version. Offering you sections on lifestyle, health, fitness, grooming, sex and much more, it covers everything today’s male needs to know. It’s a high-quality publication too, focusing on men’s health and fitness needs, rather than men’s sexual porn-wank needs, and many of its contributors are renowned journalists and commentators on men’s lifestyle and health matters. There’s a certain amount you can see for free, but subscriptions are needed to access the full benefits of the world-class Men’s Health magazine.

Mens Health Review

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Cosmopolitan Review