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#4 in Erotic Story

Just when you thought that the concept of erotic sex stories couldn't get any more niche or focused, along comes a place like MC Stories for you to realize just how crazy the world is. What does MC stand for, you ask? Mind Control. That's right – the entire concept of the stories here is about hypnosis and other forms of mind control mixed in with crazy erotic themes. MC Stories has an FAQ section if you'd like to know more about the site and stuff, but for now, we're just going to go straight into what's on offer here.

I was unable to get an exact count, but from what I can estimate, there are around 10,000 mind control erotic stories archived here – not a bad selection, given how relatively focused the category is. The site curates content from a number of different writers and has some people that contribute anywhere from 1 to over 350 stories! It also features sub-categories, with stuff like BDSM, furry, incest and even robots to feature in their writing. New stories are typically added on a weekly basis and you get around 20 or so per release cycle.

The layout and design of the text and archives on MC Stories is pretty neat: it makes enjoying the writing just that little bit easier. The font size is large and it all scales well with zooming in if you've got issues with small text. Ultimately, whether or not you go to read the sexy stories here is going to come down to just how interested you are in looking at mind control erotica. If it excites you, then there is literally nowhere better on the Internet to go – if not, I recommend checking out other destinations.

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