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The Sexy Stories page at Reddit is the perfect place to come if you like to read sex stories, or if you want the world to read your own sexy writing work. There are hundreds of short porn stories here sent in by good and not so good writers alike, and they are all 100% free to read. If you register for a free account, you can also comment and get more involved in the reader/writer community, and if you buy the VIP membership (which isn’t expensive) you can get rid of the adverts, which aren’t that bad anyway. However you use it, the Sexy Stories threads at Reddit give you a wealth of horny reading to get off with, and you don't have to pay a cent to get your hands on it.


The principal feature of the Sexy Stories thread is that anyone can upload a story. Rather, anyone who is an approved user can submit a story to the moderators who then, if it’s suitable, publish it. But on top of that, anyone can comment on what they read. You can also save your favourite stories and share them with your friends, report anything unsuitable, and give awards to the writers. The pages hold more than a collection of short sex tales, though. There’s info on how to format to get the most attention, and there is a list of tags to use, so your work is highlighted. You're able to see what’s new, hot, trending and controversial, and if you need to contact the moderators, that’s easy too. Mainly, you're looking at blocks of text (see the screencaps), because this is all about stories and writing, but everything is set out to make the pages as easy to use as possible.

Content & Updates

When I was visiting, the thread needed more moderators and things were running slowly, but before that (and when it’s running at top speed again), there were new stories coming in regularly. There are thousands in the back catalogue already, so even if there’s nothing new, there is certainly plenty to read. Here are some examples of titles so you know what you're in for:

Taking My Husband’s Co-worker’s Virginity Fantasy About Being Groped in the Train Naked in a Car Park We Got Caught in Public

(I adapted some of the grammar because the writing is of various standards.) Among the tags you find posted with stories are Public, Kink, Piss, Facial, Creampie, Mind Control, Demons, MF and Oral. As you can see, it’s an eclectic mix of niches, genres and hot sex stories, some of which are better written than others.

Our Verdict

Sexy Stories at Reddit is a great place to go to find hot and horny, no-holes-barred sex stories from amateur writers with something to say. Admittedly, some stories are better written than others, but that’s fine; we all start somewhere. Currently, it’s unmoderated, so it’s doubtful that new stories will be added soon. However, there are thousands of free sexy stories to read, save and get off with, and these cover a massive variety of sexy genres. The Sexy Stories Reddit thread is your next stop for free porn stories and free erotica.

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