Best Vintage Porn Sites, Retro & Classic

What exactly is vintage pornography?

For us, vintage refers to material that dates back at least to the early 1990s, although when we're looking at this niche, we really want to see porn that goes from 1900 to 1970 as being the primary focus on the content. The history of porn is pretty much the entire idea behind vintage sex videos and pictures: you're taking a look back in time through a dirty lens. You might not find too much to jerk over, but some of these sites act as a museum for our historical views of eroticism throughout the ages. Honestly, if you thought that people had only started being kinky because of the Internet, one look at these sites and you'll soon change your mind.

How do you compile this best vintage porn sites list?

For all of our reviews on Porn Guide, we have a huge number of different things that we take a look at, so that our readers are truly only seeing the top vintage porn sites around, and nothing that isn't capable of making the grade. One of the great things about vintage porn is that there isn't too much new stuff being produced, so we can be a little more specific with our judgments regarding what has been shared. We look at content quantity, how well it's labeled, how diverse the niches are and how easy it is to search through the site. It doesn't need to be like a library, but if you're visiting one of the best vintage porn websites, it better have at least some level of simplicity about it.

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1.Vintage PornVisit

The vintage porn collection at XHamster gives you movie scenes you won't find anywhere else. Blasts from the past for sure, with movies from the 60s to the 80s, and the best thing about it is, it’s free to sign up and explore. Some movies have been restyled in HD, so the quality is fine while others are transfers from tape, and the vintage videos are arranged in various categories. The vintage collection is only one of the collections at XHamster, which offers a vast number of free and pay-for porn movies.

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