Porn Software & VPNs

Why do I need software for porn?

While most porn sites are safe and won't give you any viruses or the like, you have to be careful when using the Internet, so to help, we've outlined a few pieces of software that cover both virus protection, malware detection and general quality of life improvements if you want to stay safe while watching porn online. Some of these will act as password security features, software to help you download videos and so on. In fact, some listed software recommendations here don't really have much to do with porn at all, we just think your browsing experience will be a hell of a lot better if you do use them. We'll also assist you with a few privacy tools to keep your browsing habits safe from anyone who wants to investigate.

Do I really need to get all of these?

Of course not: some of the software recommendations we have are just for improving your experience, and nothing will change if you don't get them. Ultimately, Porn Guide's service is about choice: you're free to visit any site you want, download any file you want and pick whatever niche you want. Our aim is just to make it easier for you to find what you want to find, and we believe that the software options suggested here are worth taking a look at. We love keeping our readers safe and happy, so you can bet your bottom dollar that what you see is something we'd personally vouch for and use ourselves. As always, if you feel like you have a recommendation for some software that we don't have listed, get in touch and we'll consider writing up a review. Stay safe and have fun, folks!

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1.Express VpnVisit

Trusted leader in VPN.

Express Vpn Review

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2.I StripperVisit

Get Strippers right on your desktop with iStripper adult software.

I Stripper Review

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3.Nord VpnVisit

Protect your online browsing with Nord VPN software

Nord Vpn Review

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4.Ublock OriginVisit

Addon software that block ads

Ublock Origin Google

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5.AdBlock PlusVisit

Fed up with annoying pop-ups and adverts, trackers, and other niggling things that appear when you're searching for free porn? If that’s the case, Adblock Plus might be what you're looking for. This is a free extension that will plug into all browsers, and it’s one that allows you to customise your browser and what you see. It also works on mobile devices, and as well as certain adverts, you're able to block trackers. It’s an open-source project made under licence, reliable, free, and has a good reputation.

AdBlock Plus Review

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6.Timeline RemoveVisit

Download timeline remove free - Timeline Remove (Chrome) Turn off the Facebook Timeline with this extension for Chrome, and much more programs.

Timeline Remove Review

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7.Media DetectiveVisit

Media Detective Review

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8.Mac ScanVisit

Mac Scan Review

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9.Keeper SecurityVisit

The leading password manager and digital vault. Keeper helps millions of people and thousands of businesses substantially mitigate the risk of a data breach.

Keeper Security Review