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Dedicated to the ass in a thong, Thongs Around the World is an archive of user-submitted photos of girls wearing thongs. These girls come from a variety of countries, and the site is organised by country to make it easy to search. It’s a fun little place to collect some original, amateur pics of girls in thongs, though the quality of the pics can vary. It's also a site where the more you put in, the more you get out, and recently, it seems, not many people have been putting in. It’s a Wordpress site, so you can sign in, register and become part of the commenting community, and it costs you nothing to browse and collect.


You’re not going to have any hassles following the thongs around the world. The content is arranged by country in drop-down lists, although not every worldwide country is represented. The images are shown in large sample shots that open to slightly large sizes on their own pages where there are places for you to leave comments and give rates. It’s up to each submitter to add what info they want, but viewers can give points and share the pages to social media. Thongs Around the World also organises the content into what’s trending, the latest additions, what’s popular and what’s hot. You can list only content from individual countries, set up a profile and view other users’ profiles too. There are no technical issues and no advertising to spoil your enjoyment.

Content & Updates

The only downer I could see at Thongs Around the World came on the home page where the latest image had been uploaded five years previously. It seems the site is not that well attended. However, delving further, I found contributions from Russia, the USA, the UK, Vietnam, France and Germany, among a few other countries, so if you're looking for international thong pics, you've got a decent collection to explore. The contributions are images, rather than videos, and they vary in size and quality, though all images were of girls in thongs. It’s rare to see a face pic, the content is mainly body shots, or midriff shots where the thong, and the ass or pussy it covers, is the central focus. There is no way to count the number of pictures on the site, as there is no listing of ‘all thong pics’, but as it’s not costing you anything to join, there’s no harm in taking time to search each country, while saving the images you want to add to your collection.

Our Verdict

Thongs ain’t what they used to be over at Thongs Around the World, but it remains an archive of international images sent in by girls who show off their bodies in thongs. It’s one for the connoisseur of tiny undies and international young ladies, and there’s nothing to stop you from reviving the site by adding your own pics and making comments. Because the site is 100% free, your entertainment comes at no cost, meaning everything is going for a song while you are going for a thong.

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