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With a name like, you have to expect something good to be coming out of this place, right? Well, this site is basically a Pintrest clone that focuses on adult material and doesn't require an account in order to see the content that they have. It's a simple idea, but I think the execution is pretty on point. I've always been a big fan of places that aren't just adult tubes and try to do something different, so let's look at Sex and what you'll get if you visit, shall we?

I'll start off by mentioning the fact that this site is 100% free to visit and requires no account to do anything, although you can sign up to engage with content and submit your own material if you want. is a user-contributed effort where people upload short GIFs and galleries of the content that they like. They actually do have a video section, but it's not as popular as the image area of the site. I highly recommend using the 'categories' link so you can pick content from the likes of niches including Asian, anal, college, ebony, fisting and footjobs to name but a few. has a gay section too, if that's your type of thing.

I like how the site allows you to break down uploads into either GIFs or pictures: we all know that lots of people like to see short, looping clips from time to time. Scenes can be tagged with various keywords too, so if something isn't big enough to have its own category, chances are it will be featured within the tagging section. I enjoyed my time on and honestly, I think it's a good alternative to a site like Pintrest that has a bunch of issues which make it unsuitable for guys and guys who are interested in porn.

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