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Easy to use
Erotic stories
Free photos


Some low-quality cams
Basic design
Not many girls online at one time

#15 in Live Cams

What is RIV Cams?

To my mind, RIV Cams is one of the lesser-known chat and cam sites, and there may be a good reason for that. The site hosts girls from around the world, but I believe it is an Italian-run site. This doesn't stop the girls from speaking English and other languages, though. My problem was, there weren't that many girls online when I visited, and the site seems basic. It was free. I could register and browse, and that didn't cost me a thing, but there aren’t that many girls to browse. RIV also has a cam site for guys, one for fetish fans, and a tube site, all free to use to a certain point. Read on to discover more, because there is more to RIV than first meets the eye.

Are there Free Chat and Other Features at RIV Cams?

You can find all the standard features of a chat and cam site at RIV, including free chat. You can also find amateur videos, private photos and erotic stories. RIV Cams lets you search by many details and suggests you can even find the girls’ phone numbers - when they are prepared to provide them. Users can send gifts, buy girls’ personal items and movies, and engage in live-sex webcam chat in return for credits. Here are some more details.

  • Navigation: Simple and old-fashioned style.
  • Category search: Yes.
  • Filters: (Age, Ethnicity, Appearance etc.) There is a very details advanced search page with many search fields.
  • Country/Region Search: Yes.
  • Language Search: Yes. Languages shown with flag icons.
  • Keyword Search: Yes.
  • Trending Tags: No.
  • Type of chat: Text and webcam.
  • Account settings: Profile settings and create a profile.

Chat + Free Chat: Yes. + Full Screen: No. + Platform. Flash. + HD Cams: Unlikely. + Multi-cam Angles: No. + Broadcast Cam: No. + Cam Control: No. + Private/VIP Shows: Yes. + Group Shows: Unknown. + Emoticons: Yes. + Info: Some. + Model Bios: Basic. + Private Messaging: Yes.

Extras + Stories: Yes, erotic stories. + VIP Section: No. + Models can see viewers? Up to you. + Sound can be turned on/off? Yes. + Awards: Yes, there are votes and competitions. + Layout Options: No, static page design. + Model Fan Clubs: No, but you can rate models. + FAQ page: Yes. + Online support. Submit a form/email.

Who are the Models Offering Live Sex Chat at RIV?

The RIV girls, I’m told, are Italian, but here’s the thing. When I visited RIV, I found only ten thumbnails showing me models’ profile pics, and two of them said ‘online.’ However, when I clicked those, I was told the model wasn't online. Other parts of the site tell you there are over 4,500 active girls at RIV, but I was unable to find any. You may have a completely different experience, of course. What I did discover, though, were a few good reviews of the site, with some users pointing out that the girls are sometimes willing to share their email addresses and phone numbers. They are mainly Italian, but they speak and write other languages. My problem was finding one available so I could check out how the system worked. Here is more info on what I did manage to find.

  • Exclusive Models: Yes.
  • Girls: Yes.
  • Guys: No. You want RIV Boys for guys on cam.
  • Trans: No.
  • Couples: No.
  • Who’s New: No.
  • Nationalities: Italian, mainly.
  • Free Photos: Yes, many.
  • Free Recordings: Some.

How Much Does it Cost to Use RIV Cams?

As with most chat and cam sites, you can chat and get to know a girl for free, but when it comes to the hot stuff, you've got to pay up. In this case, like all cam sites, you buy credits and then spend them per minute when in private chat. Each girl may charge a different per-minute rate, but RIV has an excellent feature where you can see what credit you have remaining. It’s at the top of the page, so you can't miss it. Even to chat for free you will have to have a basic number of credits in your bank. You can also use credits to buy the girls gifts (emoticons), and to buy their private sex videos.

Cost of Credits You can purchase credits in varying amounts according to set packages. To chat, you will have to have 200 credits in your bank, even though they are not used for basic chat.

$12.88 for 100 credits. $25.77 for 200 credits $32.21 for 250 credits $64.42 for 500 credits $128.85 for 1,000 credits $257.70 for 2,000 credits $289.91 for 3,000 credits

  • Deals and discounts: Yes. There is 25% off the price of 3,000 credits.

Payments + Credit Card: yes. + PayPal: Yes. + Crypto: Yes. + Tips: You can give girls gifts. + Store: You can buy their private videos and pics.

Registration Process + What you will need: Username, password and an email address. + Login requires: Username and password. + You will need to validate your email before buying credits.

Privacy RIV Cams has both a privacy policy and a DMCA policy. See the links at the bottom of the pages.

What is the RIV Cam Network?

RIV specialises in sex cam sites, and has three to its name. As well as finding RIVCams, you can also visit:

  • RIV Boys for free chat with worldwide guys
  • RIV Tube for amateur home video
  • RIV Videochat Fetish for fetish chat and cam.

There are links to these at the bottom of the RIV pages, and you might want to open them in a new tab.

What’s the Deal With RIV Cams?

RIV Cams is still out there, and there are girls showing profiles. However, I found only a few, and the site was rather basic to look at. It's certainly not all-singing all-dancing like the more major players in the free cam game. On the other hand, it’s very personal and fun, not costly, and easy to use. I liked the free erotic stories, and the heaps of free pics and video clips. If you are looking fro some free chat, private sex chat, and maybe even a hook-up with a European girl, try the Italian site, RIV Cams.

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