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News, gossip, searches and more
Email service
Up to date
Very topical


Not dedicated to porn

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This is an unusual one. OMG Yahoo isn’t actually a porn blog, doesn't give you free porn and, really, doesn't have anything more to do with porn than it does other subjects, but it is a good place to visit for celebrity news and gossip, scandal and images. Its content is arranged in various areas, including entertainment, sports, news and finance, so it’s a handy home page for your daily browsing needs. The search engine works like all others, so what you find here depends on what you want to look for.


Like other major online search engines and information portals, Yahoo, or in this case, OMG Yahoo, is kept up to date with info and news. Its engine runs fast, so anything you search for comes back at you within microseconds, and the results are thorough. Let's say you want to search for the latest celebrity information and gossip. You head to the entertainment section and put in the search term, or you scroll the pages to see the latest news. The site also features an email service you can use for free, and you can sign up for an account without having to pay a cent. Once you are signed up, you also get to comment on stories, plus you receive a few other benefits, and you can customise things to your taste. There are even language options, so you can view everything in your language.

Content & Updates

The content is varied. It depends what you're looking for, but the news on the home page is current, and constantly updated. OMG Yahoo then specialises in various headings, such as finance, life, shopping and sports, and there’s a link to Yahoo Plus, where you subscribe to receive specialist news according to your needs. This will need to be paid for, but other parts of the site are free. There is then the search engine which works the same way as Google and others. The driving force, though, is the timeliness of the updated news, as Yahoo stays right on top of developing stories, whether they be porn scandals, sex tapes, boob slips on the red carpet, or the latest financial news.

Our Verdict

OMG Yahoo is one way of finding news and information about everything from the porn industry to Wall Street, and can be used as an information portal, a search engine, and an email service or a shopping trip. Whatever you want, you can find it here with a quick search. The news is up-to-the-minute reporting, everything is neatly set out, and there is a wealth of informative articles to read back on, loads of stories, and plenty to see. It’s a good alternative to other major search portal services, and can include an email address and other goodies, though some services require a fee.

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