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100% free discussion board
Thousands of lesbian porn photos
A very active thread
Lots of interaction


Not all posts have comments
Some adverts

#1 in Lesbian#20 in Sub Reddits


Lesbian porn is one of the most popular niches in the adult entertainment world, and this long thread on Reddit proves it. The Lesbians sub-reddit attracts over 1,400,000 readers, new posts are being added all the time, and there are around 1,500 users on the board at any one time. With hundreds of pages to scroll through offering thousands of free lesbian porn pics, this has got to be one of the most popular places to hang out, see and share your lesbian sex photos, and find others who share the same love of labia-licking and scissoring, boob kissing and nipple rubbing as you do. The images vary from softcore to hard, and from solo pics to group lesbian sex, and, of course, it’s 100% free to use.


Being a Reddit board, the Lesbians thread comes with many interactive features. Posts are shown in the order they were started, most of them have an image, and many of them have comments. As a user, you can add to the comments (once registered, and that doesn't cost anything either), and you can use a set of tabs to see what’s new, what’s trending, and what’s considered controversial. The page also shows you each post’s ranking and movement up and down the board, and it has a search box so you can specify what kind of lesbian porn chat you're looking for. Once registered, you can save, share, create and report posts, and there are ways to check out other users and see who’s posted the most. Around this are the standard Reddit functions where you can link to other subjects, save your favourite ones, and build your online profile. The rules of each board are set out and easy to follow, and there are no technical issues to worry about.

Content & Updates

New posts arrive at the Lesbian board by the hour, so there is always something new to see. There are thousands of posts already and most of them have a photo which you can view and save. These sometimes open in Reddit, and when they are a video clip or a gif, they open in RedGifs. Either way, you can comment and read what others have said in their comments. It’s a socially active place, but you don't have to join in if you don't want to. The thousands of posts and pics cover all things lesbian-porn, with some users simply asking what you think of their photos, others sharing their favourite lesbian porn pics, and some just sharing horny porn pics for the sake of it. no matter how you use it, you can use the Lesbians thread as a way of collecting hundreds of free lesbian porn photos and video clips.

Our Verdict

Whether you’re into chatting about your favourite subject (lesbian sex), or you just want to find a free resource where you can download free images of lesbian porn, this Reddit thread is a great place to check out, hang out and let it all hang out while you discuss or get off with some sexy lesbian porn content. Be as chatty as you like, or simply read and view, it’s 100% free to register, though you can upgrade and get rid of the adverts, and it’s being used right now. With thousands of photos, hundreds of threads and loads of similarly-minded mates to find and chat with, you never have to view lesbian porn alone again.

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