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Free pics and videos of hot girls
Hundreds of threads
Anyone over 18 can join in
Share your own pics, thoughts and fantasies


Some adverts without premium membership
Not all threads have comments

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I Just Wanna Fuck That Ass so Badly, so says one of the thread titles at I Want To Fucker Her the subreddit you can check out and join in with for absolutely no bucks. This resource is not exactly a PC one, but that’s the point; you can say more or less what you want, and there's nothing to stop you putting up your own pics of girls you've found online and sharing them while telling other guys like you who you’d like to fuck. A top porn model? Someone you found on an amateur pic-swap site? It doesn't matter where the girls are from. If you want to bang a babe, then share your lust and fantasy and you'll find yourself joining in with hundreds of others who want to do the same. If nothing else, I Want to Fuck Her is a great place to find hot pics and short clips of lusty women.


The pages, like all others at Reddit, have several features to help your searching and browsing. You can see what’s new, and posts come with the date or time they were uploaded. (‘An hour ago,’ was a common thing when I was viewing, because the page is in constant use.) You can also see which are the rising threads, the ones most members are visiting or commenting on. You can read comments and add your own, you can share them, save them and report anything that shouldn't be there, and even as a free member, you can get totally involved in the discussions. The pages also come with a section of ‘controversial’ threads if you want to see what’s almost too hot for Reddit to handle. Also, if you find a commentator who shares just your kind of pics, you can opt to follow them and see even more. It’s a safe and well-run environment where you can say what you want, within reason, about who you’d like to fuck.

Content & Updates

It’s not possible to count the number of threads at I Want To Fuck Her on Reddit, and it would be pointless, because the site is so active, it’s constantly being updated. But, suffice to say, there are thousands of posts here, and each one contains an image of a goddess someone out there wants to fuck. You're invited to give your opinion and share your own pics, so there’s masses of free content to save. Some of these posts contain short videos, others are photos, but all of them show desirable girls, usually semi-clad or naked, and nothing much is out of bounds. A list of rules tells you what you can and can’t do, but mainly, you've got carte blanch to write and post whatever you want about your most desirable fuck bunnies.

Our Verdict

Free, Fun, Fuck Fantasies is what I Want To Fuck Her, a subreddit, is all about, and anyone can register and view, comment and upload. Sign up for the premium service and you’ll lose the adverts while gaining plenty of special benefits, or stay as a free viewer and find thousands of hot pics of hot girls. You can let everyone know what you think about the girls and tell other members what you’d do to them if only… It's a fun and horny place offering plenty of boner-making wank material, a safe place to chat and find like-minded porn lovers, and a great free resource for everyone who wants to share their ultimate fuck fantasy without having to pay for porn.

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