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A much-used forum
Loads of free amateur dick pics
A great place for some free porn clips
A fun and easy place to hang out


Not everyone gets comments
Some adverts

#2 in Gay#53 in Sub Reddits


There aren’t many places you can go to share your dick pics and see other guys for free, but this part of Reddit is one of them. It’s totally free to join, though you don't even need to do that if you only want to look, and you're able to pay to join too, in which case you get rid of the adverts. However you use it, if you want natural, non-morphed, amateur guy dick and ass pics, then Gay NSFW is the place to check out There are loads of posts, many with comments, some that spark longer discussions, and that means there are hundreds of free pics, and they are all downloadable. It's not a porn site, it’s a community chat board, and you’ll find it friendly and fun.


You have all the standard Reddit features here. A top-line menu gives you links to other parts of the wider site, and a lower-down menu gives you direct links to what’s new on the monthly Gay NSFW post, what’s hot, the most controversial posts, and the ‘gilded’ collection, which seems to be the guys with the biggest, hardest cocks. I’d say that just about every post has a photo with it, and some of these open in the same page with the comments laid out, while others lead you to RedGifs to show you the, mostly, short movie clips or gif image. The comments boxes are simple to use and fill in, and you have other interactive options. For example, you can share, save, hide or report posts. You're also able to see the date the posts were made, and you can link to the guys’ profiles, while you’re also able to make up your own. Gay NSFW is full of interactive functions that mean you can get really involved.

Content & Updates

How long is a piece of string? Or, in the case of Gay NSFW, how long is another guy’s dick? It’s not possible to say how many posts there are on this thread, but I’d guess at hundreds, if not thousands. I checked back to see how many posts had been added over the 24-hour period before I got there, and there were 100. That’s 100 guys posting dick and ass pics, short clips and gifs every day, and another 100 replying to comments and joining in the discussions.

Many of the posts come with titles like ‘Would you suck this?’ ‘Could you take my nine inches?’ and things like ‘I need someone to make me cum’, posted recently by an 18-year-old, and ‘Daddy’s meat’, posted a while back by a daddy. The content is as varied as the guys who post, and that means the dick pics are varied too. But it’s not only about dicks here, it’s also about hooking up, if only virtually, and making friends who also like NSFW photos.

Our Verdict

On the one hand, you've got a heap of free cock shots, soft, hard, cut, uncut, cumming, and fucking ass, and on the other, you have a community of like-minded guys who like to view and/or share the same. The Reddit Gay NSFW hangout is an excellent place for a distraction, to meet friends, to add to your porn collection or to simply view and perve at other guys’ cocks, and the best part of course, is that it is 100% free. On top of that, it’s one of the most used threads in the community, and an excellent place to find free gay dick porn.

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