/r/confession Review

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A well-used sub-Reddit
Easy to register and use
100% free
No-judgments allowed


Not very sexy
Simple but strict rules

#35 in Sub Reddits


Reddit is a community place where anyone can register for free and share whatever they want. There are adult, 18 + sub-Reddits, and we list those in our directory, but this one is purely and simply a confessions board. There is plenty to read, though it’s not yet a large collection, and it’s a very easy place to come and join in with. You may need to register first, but that’s free, and once you're in, you're in for as long as you want to stay. All kinds of folks confess their darkest secrets here, from stealing to flashing to being nasty to other people, to harbouring strange fantasies. It’s a case of trawling through the posts to find something that interests you, or something you sympathise with, and then sharing your thoughts on it. You can also be a voyeur and simply get off on reading what others have done. Either way, it's easy to use and a fun distraction as well as a safe place to unload your guilty burden.


You’re looking at a classic forum or community board, but one that’s been developed differently from many Reddit pages. For a start, the top banner is arranged differently from other Reddit pages we’ve seen. Everything works, though, and you find simple forward buttons to take you to the next page. The rules are well featured on the right, and it’s best to read them first so you don't fall foul of the admins and get blocked. There is also a very top menu where you can find the most controversial posts, the newest ones, and posts arranged in other orders. If you point your pointer there, you will see a sub-menu from the overall Reddit community with suggestions for other topics to explore. As is standard, you can also make up your profile and see your account.

Content & Updates

Some of the posts are uncomfortable to read, but you are not there to judge. Others are fun and some are plain daft. There is a great mix of topics you can comment on, offering support to the confessor, or simply coming back with a similar confession of your own. You will find childhood confessions about things that most people have done: stolen from parents as a child, sneaking out of school, stealing alcohol when underage, that kind of thing. There are more adult naughties to read too; I bumped into someone’s car in a parking lot and didn't tell anyone; I can't forgive myself for hurting my best friend, and so on. Something to note: there were only a few pages when we went to check this board, so it looks like the posts are either taken off after a few days, or the site is new, because these posts were only a few days old.

Our Verdict

It’s unusual, it’s quirky, and it’s not very large, but the Confessions page for this sub-Reddit is a good place to go when you want to get a guilty secret off your chest. You might be surprised how many others have the same things to admit, and you can use the board seriously, or simply as a way to read what naughty things other people have done in the past. It’s not a porn Reddit, but there’s nothing to stop you admitting your crush on a porn star, or your best friend, your wife’s sister… As usual with Reddit, it is what you make of it, and if you have something to confess, you can certainly make it work for you.

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