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Asslick is a sub-reddit in the Reddit community that has strict rules. Among them are: no solo ass, all asses must have a tongue in them. It’s M>F, F>M or F>F only, so no gay rimming. No spam is allowed, the board is moderated and if you put up compilation videos, you have to be in them. As you can see, it’s 100% serious about discussing ass eating, butt-licking, rimming, mouth-on-ass porn and home sex tapes, and everyone’s invited to post their own pics or shots from their favourite anal porn movies. The board comes with all the usual handy Reddit features. You don't have to pay anything to find this rimming porn because it’s all free, but you can sign up for the premium service and get some extra benefits.

Asslick Subreddit Features

Being a Reddit board, Asslick has plenty of handy features. You can read the rules on one side, see the posts on the other, and you can see when each one was posted. You're able to make comments, share the posts, save the pics and clips, and give awards to the best babes on the board. Then, there are suggestions for other posts you might like, and there’s a generic search box. The content can be ordered to show the newest threads, the most controversial, the top lists and so on, and it’s all neatly and simply set out, so it’s not confusing at all. You may have to register to post and get totally involved, but this is also an easy process; just make sure you use a real email address. There are no technical issues at Reddit, no pop-up adverts, though some of the external links may not work or may carry advertisements when you get there.

/r/Asslick Content & Updates

There are thousands of posts at Asslick and many of them carry free ass-licking anal porn photos. Some lead to gifs on a separate site/page, and you often find free anal porn flicks on these pages, but clips and short videos only. You can't actually see how many posts there are, but there is page after page of them, and you can leave comments on them all. Some have very alluring titles such as, ‘Sloppy Rimjob’, ‘Wet Ass Licking’, ‘Eat Ass…Lose Pounds’, and ‘Sinner Forced to Lick Priest’s Asshole.’ I had to check that one out, and found it was a clip from Evil Angel, and beneath it were several other ass-licking, rim-job porn flicks I could stream for free.

The Asslick board is in constant use. The most recently added post had come in four hours before my visit, and you're able to see the time/day the post was created. You can also create your own, as long as it’s about ass-licking and carries a pic, gif, or clip, but don't expect to make money because there is no spamming allowed, so you get a good clean ass-licking forum and pic-sharing community that licks all the others.

Our Verdict

When you’re after free discussion, chat, photos, and videos of ass-licking, or when you want to chat about your favourite hardcore rim-job movie or porn star, then Asslick at Reddit is the place to go. Hang out, view, chat, comment, download images, do wherever you want as long as it’s to do with wet and sloppy ass eating, because that’s what this hot sub-reddit is all about. There are thousands of posts and pics to take, new ones are coming in all the time, and it’s 100% free to sign up and join in. The Asslick community at Reddit kicks ass because it licks ass.

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