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Community porn forum
Great site designPorn movie news
Porn star interviews
Members’ reviews


Limited porn
Account required for some features
Free to use and join

#1 in Adult Forums

With over 3,000,000 posts and new threads being opened all the time, Adult DVD Forum is one of the biggest and most-used discussion boards focusing on porn DVDs and the adult industry. It’s not only used by millions of porn fans, but also by porn professionals, including models. Okay, so it doesn't offer as much free porn as other community places, but what you do get to see are genuine, well-moderated discussions about the adult world, and these sometimes include samples. There are also porn DVD trailers, interviews and blog posts, news items, reviews and details of your favourite porn models. You don't have to pay to use it, but if you want to get the best from it, you’ll need to register. For free.

Adult DVD Talk Features

Our link takes you straight to the forum, and this runs in the same way as just about every other discussion board on the net. When I was there, there were 400 users online, and thousands of threads and topics. You can browse them all (if you have time) or run a search for the topic you're interested in, and you’ll find decent discussions, nothing nasty, and that’s because the site is well moderated. People are here to share their love of porn, and discuss what’s new, hot and not so hot. The forum is arranged with topic headers, it has numbered pages for easy browsing, main topic list links, and you can see how many replies your thread has had, and when the last post was made. It’s completely up to date, well looked after, and you're able to set up a profile.

Those are the basics of the forum, but there’s more to Adult DVD Talk than chat. Drop-down lists under the main menu take you to Movies, Porn Stars, Talk and Shop. The Movies section gives you news on new releases and porn movie trailers, there are porn star galleries and porn star interviews too.

Adult DVD Talk Content & Updates

Obviously, the Adult DVD Talk forum is running all the time and is constantly updated because it’s automatic. However, the other areas of the site are also right up to date. For example, the new releases under the Movies section were current, and the free trailers are there to advertise sample content from top porn sites, so they show you the latest movies to hit sites like Blacked, Deeper, Evil Angel, Tushy, and Adult Empire. In fact, there is a huge list of sites Adult DVD Talk links to, and these open in new windows, so in effect, they give you a list of free porn, though these are only trailers.

Then, you can see recommendations of what’s hot to buy, where you can get the DVDs at lower prices, and see the editor’s choice of ‘must have’ movies of the moment. Head to the blog section, and you find interviews with your favourite porn models, and background news on the porn industry including the award ceremonies, company news and porn site news. There is a section giving you porn star photos both nude and clothed. My favourite part of this incredible and 100% free porn club was the ‘write a review’ section, but maybe that's because I write porn reviews for a living. Anyone can do it, and it’s not hard, just play by the rules and you can get yourself a name for being a porn critic. You might even get invited to an after-shoot party.

Our Verdict

Of all the “let’s discuss porn” boards I've seen and used, Adult DVD Talk is one of the best. The main forum runs like any other, but is more extensive, and then, the site goes so much further than others do. There are free trailers, news on the latest porn DVD releases, reviews by the public, chats with porn stars, industry news, articles, image galleries to see and savour, and everything is run by porn professionals for dedicated porn fans. You can get up close and more personal with top porn babes (and boys, as there is gay DVD talk too), and you don't have to pay a penny to get to any part of the site. If you're serious about your porn, you should register for free with Adult DVD Talk and get talking porn.

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