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The Discounted Sites board on Pinterest is a great idea. It is only a small collection of suggested porn deals, but the sites it gets its images from are large and specialised, in that they find the best and more current porn deals for you. It’s not a difficult Pinterest page to reach or use, and it’s one that will be worth adding to your own Pinterest board. What’s special about it, though, is the way it names the best sites advertising low-cost and reduced-price memberships to porn sites.

Discounted Sites on Pinterest

You can start with this little board and see images of advertisements for porn sites that are carrying special offers on memberships. At the moment, they list a few, with some screenshots of some deals, so you get an idea of how the world of discounted porn works. Click a pic and see more details, and pay special attention to the websites the images come from. It is those that offer you the discounted porn deals, not the Pinterest page itself. Here’s some info about them:

Discounted Porn

One of the sites this Pinterest board links to is Discounted Porn.

This is a no-nonsense site that specialises in cut-price membership offers, lists the best porn site deals, and tells you about each one through its honest and easy-to-read reviews. Discounted Porn. does two things exceptionally well. First, it takes the time to visit the members’ areas of the sites it promises, and it writes in-depth and honest reviews of them. This means you will know what you are signing up for before you part with any money. The second thing it does is find the best deals. It doesn't just look for standard special offers, but sets up its own discount deals with the biggest porn studios. The combination of these two things leads to its users, you, being able to take money-saving offers on porn site memberships and yet still access everything those sites have on offer.

Reviewed Porn

Reviewed Porn is the other site this Pinterest page favours, and there’s a good reason for that. Reviewed Porn has been online for over ten years, specialising in reviewing only the best in adult entertainment. It holds hundreds of reviews, and these reviews are kept up to date by the team, while the reviewers head into new sites to give them a good look over. They publish top lists, category lists and full reviews that come with scores, a summary, details, screenshots, stats, info and those all-important prices.

Reviewed Porn also hosts a Special Deals set of pages where they list all their reviewed sites that are currently offering discounts on memberships. You can save over 80%, or over $200.00 per year depending on which site you want to join. You’ll also get the full lowdown on trial memberships, the best things about each site, the pitfalls and, most importantly, the range of discount porn deals available.

Our Verdict

The Discounted Sites page at Pinterest won't take you long to look at (though it may expand in the future), but it's a handy place to keep an eye on, especially if you want to join some porn sites but don't want to pay the full whack. You'll get some good ideas for sites offering discounts, and we’re talking big players like Brazzers and Adult Time. If you want a quick and easy reminder of the sites that carry the best discount porn deals, then bookmark this page on your Pinterest board.

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