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Who is Sam Slayres?

Sam is an incredibly popular OnlyFans model with over 300,000 likes. She is dedicated to providing her subscribers with a wide range of content, all of which is the highest quality, so you can be sure that you're getting your money's worth.

Sam Slayres is a South American born USA national, social media influencer, model, celebrity and actress. Now in her mid-twenties, she was born in 1998, and has a perfect body that guys can only dream of coming close to. She's active on OnlyFans and Instagram, and has made a name for herself through her own fashion line. She's managed to keep many details about her personal life to herself, which is a feat in itself these days, but it’s reported she grew up in a poor household. These days, she’s reported to be worth over $800,000 mainly thanks to the titillating pics and videos she shares with fans, and offers for additional fees on her OnlyFans pages.

Sam’s other basic stats and info can be found after a little web trawling, where we discover she’s of mixed-race ethnicity, a Christian, and straight. She's just over five-foot tall, making her a dinky and petite little cutie, and has brown hair and brown eyes. She has over 67k followers on Twitter, which she only joined two years ago, and is, or was popular on Instagram. (When I went looking, her account page returned a ‘page not found’ message, so there may have been a temporary fault, or I was looking in the wrong place. Either way, I wasn't able to examine her Instagram.)

Sam Slayres also works as a model. In fact, we’re told it's her full-time job. You can find her on YouTube where she puts regular vlogs and where you can see her in her modelling work, and by modelling, we mean fashion and clothes, not nudity and porn. If there is any of that available, then you're going to need to ask her about it through DMs on OnlyFans.

When you check her out, and see her posing and pouting, luring guys towards her account and offering them candid selfies and nude shots in return, you can see why she's become so popular. A mix of cute and fierce, sexy, and youthful, she's got everything we’d like to get close to and see more of. You can, and for only $3.00 per month, because Sam is currently running a subscription offer that lets you into her OnlyFans account for 90% less than the standard price.

Can I Find Sam Slayres on OnlyFans?

Yes. Sam Slayres has the handle @samxoxxxx

OnlyFans Headline:

Very friendly and loves long steamy talks🤭🤫 please let me know what you think of me, i respond to dms personally and love being spoiled 🥰

What are Sam Slayres’ OnlyFans Stats?

When we last reported on Sam Slayres OnlyFans stats, she had 300k likes, 700 media files and was charging only $3.00 per month for access. She still has the $3.00, 90% discount offer on her subscription, but her likes and the number of media files has grown considerably. Here are the figures as of April 2023.

  • Posts: 1,575
  • Likes: 470.2k
  • Media Files: 1,536
  • Photos: 1,516
  • Videos: 20

How Much is a Subscription for Sam Slayres on OnlyFans?

Sam tempts you to join her on OnlyFans with the buy line, Just one tap to have access to the wild side. Like many top OnlyFans girls, Sam Slayres is currently offering a month’s subscription for only $3.00. This may recur at the regular price of $30.00 per month after the first 31 days, so check out the full details when you sign up.

  • $30.00 per month is the regular price.

Sam Slayres Slays OnlyFans

Clearly, Sam Slayres is one of OnlyFans’ top models and influencers; she's certainly one of their top content creators with thousands of pics and plenty of videos. She’s a fashion model who knows how to get your blood pumping with her seductive images, girlie dirty talk and flirting, and she knows how to draw in the fans. She has over 470k likes on her account already. Sam also knows how to advertise, and is currently offering her OnlyFans subscription at only $3.00 for at least the first month. Well worth checking out, and great fun to be with, Sam’s waiting to slay you over at OnlyFans, and for a 90% discount too.

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