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What are the advantages of buying sex toys online?

For a lot of people, visiting a sex store to buy a product feels a little bit too seedy: that's why many elect to grab themselves sex toys online where they can be private about their purchases. Additionally, shopping online for sex toys allows you to pick up great deals and compare a range of different choices that might be interesting to you. All of these factors combined mean that while you'll also want to shop around for adult products, it pays to check out a few different destinations. At Porn Guide, we've made the hard job of sorting out the good choices from the bad ones a walk in the park. While we can't tell you what to buy, we can certainly give you a recommendation on where you should go for all of your adult toy shopping needs!

How many factors are reviewed for these top online sex stores?

Naturally, worldwide shipping, a good range of products, stellar customer support and an easy to use website are all key aspects of any online shopping experience: those are the key features that we'll take a look at when weighing up whether or not a sex store should be added to our list. Porn Guide only works with the best online stores and for every 1 store you see here, 2 others were looked at and considered not worth reviewing by our experts. It's safe to say that if you're looking for a top quality sex toy shop in 2023, your first port of call should be our reviews here.

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1.Eden FantasysVisit

Rated excellent by, an award-winning adult store offers a variety of intimate products such as sex toys, vibrators, fetish play - products designed to stimulate erogenous zones of women and men. Enjoy free shipping, a wide selection, detailed product reviews, and excellent customer service.

Eden Fantasys Review

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Lovense makes sex tech toys for every bedroom! Check them out to see which toy could spice up your sex life!

Lovense Review

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Little Peachy Toys is an online store that sells more than just peachy sex toys. It has a wide range of departments covering all your sex-play needs from dildos to lingerie, and it has an informative blog too. Its prices compare favourably to other sex stores, but it appears to only deliver to North America. However, if that’s where you are, you’ll find a fast, reliable, and discreet delivery service, with reasonable prices, and you’re certainly going to find exactly what you need from its range of hundreds of products. The site is well-organised, you can register so you don't keep having to enter your account details, and adding to the cart and checking out are simple.

Littlepeachytoys Review