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What are porn directories?

There are a number of different definitions, but for us, they're basically top-level websites that give you access to a range of different features, and styles of porn, that generally promote quantity above most other metrics. The most common type of directory is that of female talent: that is to say that they'll have a list of various pornstars that you can check out, read about and have content linked to that they feature in. In essence, the sites that you'll see here all have features like IMDb, although it's geared entirely toward adult entertainment. Chances are that most visitors to this page are specifically looking for the best pornstar directory of 2023: the good news for you is that this is exactly what we've focused our efforts on! You'll have no troubles at all finding the hottest adult models out there with these stellar websites.

Are these porn directories free to use?

In most cases, yes: we've yet to come across a porn site directory or platform that requires payment. This is great for the consumer, because it means you can enjoy all of this X-rated goodness without paying a penny. At Porn Guide, we've made sure that our listed sites are easy to access, and not having to cough up cash is one of the greatest ways to go about achieving that end. We're confident that all of the sites we have reviewed are the best in their specific niche and hope that you agree. Remember: if you believe that you know of a directory that we've yet to cover, you can always send us an email and we'll take a look at whether or not it should be added to our platform.

Thank you for your continued support of Porn Guide: we hope these reviews of the best porn directory sites in 2022 are useful to you!

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1.The Porn MapVisit

The Porn Map is the best guide to what’s good, hot, and current in the world of porn. It gives you a no-nonsense listing of 2,373 + porn sites, tells you a little about each one, and gives you a link to each site. The directory is arranged by category, making it easy to find exactly the kind of porn you want, and it constantly updates with new sites as they come online. Along with a set of pages per category that list all The Porn Map recommended sites, you can link directly to each one from the main listings’ hub page. There is no need to sign up, register, or join; you simply browse what’s best in adult entertainment, and head directly to the site.

The Porn Map Review

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2.Best Pornstars DbVisit

Best PornStar DB is a huge database of porn stars and the best place to find information about your favourite porn girls. It offers you a massive picture archive (both softcore and hardcore) and sets out the content in a neat and easy-to-find way, using categories and small thumbnails. The pages also come with lists of top free porn sites and special offers, making it a database not only for models but also for other porn resources. It's a ‘must see’ place for all porn fans, and a DB that’s well worth bookmarking.

Best Pornstars Db Review

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3.Kind GirlsVisit

Kind Girls is a free blog offering news, pics, and videos of some of the world’s top porn models. It’s 100% softcore, focusing on the most beautiful models in porn, and offers you regular updates and free videos and galleries in an elegant, neatly designed blog that’s easy to use. The content comes from some of the best studios putting out porn, including Met Art and Sex Art, and the blog currently lists over 130,000 images in over 95,00 galleries. If you find someone you like, you can follow the links to her site and discover more glamorous, naked images of gorgeous porn goddesses.

Kind Girls Review

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Porn! It’s what we’re here for and it's what we want. What don’t want is to pay a fortune to view it, and that’s where sites like the aptly named come in. This directory gives you links to over 13,620,000 porn videos, most of them for free. It lists porn stars and their info, porn sites and their content, and even has suggestions for VR porn and porn games. The site has made porn its specialised subject, it keeps up to date with the latest trends, and it’s 100% free to use. It’s not without a few quirks, as you'll see, but it is an enormous resource for free porn movie samples.

Porn Review

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Babepedia is an online resource for all things porn babe. At this free-use site, you will find biographies, photos, free videos and a blog telling you all about the hottest babes in porn. It’s a massive and well-maintained site that keeps you up to date with who is new and sizzling in the porn world, it brings you background information and details of hundreds of girls, and it is regularly updated. There are links to where you can find your favourite porn stars, porn site discounts, and top lists, and no matter what page you are on, you’re never far away from finding the hottest babes in porn.

Babepedia Review

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6.Une GeeketteVisit

Une Geekette may appear to be another porn portal, but it is one that offers two different slants on the ‘find the best porn sites’ directories currently available. For a start, it is run by a lady, so we gate a female perspective, and that means we find porn places we may not normally see advertised. Secondly, it is a French/European site, which means we also find porn recommendations away from the usual USA-led listings. Okay, so you have to set your browser to translate if you don't read French, but that should work fine and when I set mine, every page came up in English.

Une Geekette Review