Smutty Review

#2 in Pin Porn Sites

Smutty describes itself as a ""simple, collaboratively curated collection of arousing pictures and videos"". What does that mean, exactly? Well, it's a community-driven effort that allows people to share and look at content offered by others in a range of different adult niches. The aim of the game is for people to share and show off what they like, so that others can rate it and decide whether or not it's good enough. Basically, this is a cross between Reddit and Pintrest, only it comes with the main focus of being all about porn and adult entertainment. Sound interesting? Let me tell you – it's pretty damn good!

The homepage features some popular content added over the years and some mixed uploads from the last few days. One of the most important things for places like this is new uploads have to be provided on a regular basis, and that is the case at Smutty. Around 30 new submissions are shared here every single hour, so while it might not be as popular as a number of other porn destinations, it's still got active users that are submitting and sharing their favourite adult content. I do recommend visiting the 'top' section too: this shows you the best of the best, as decided by the community.

I'd estimate that there are a few million posts here at least, considering that the #teen hashtag alone has 340,000 posts. You can also check out content tagged as #gorgeous, #blonde, #tattoo and #Asian if you'd like. One good feature of Smutty is that you get a mixture of both amateur and professional content: it's not just paid, sponsored posts by large studios. So yeah, all things considered, this is a good community that offers the same type of experience you'd get on Pintrest, only it's all about porn!

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