Sex Stories Review

#8 in Erotic Story

Do you love XNXX but want a story-themed place with text instead of videos? Then look no further than Sex Stories! With its interesting decision of colour scheme (solid blue background) and well-sized collection of stories to enjoy, you'll never have to worry about visiting a normal looking website again for a huge cache of XXX texts. Now then: let's dive into the library of Sex Stories to see what visitors have to enjoy when they pay a visit. Note that this website is 100% free to use and, as you might have already worked out, is operated by the guys over at XNXX.

On the left-hand side of the website, you'll see genres and themes to select from. Genres include stuff such as diary entries, fiction, fantasy and true stories, whereas themes cover stuff such as blowjobs, cheating, CBT and mind control. Extreme themes such as bestiality and murder are also featured, so if you're looking for something catered to those that like it bizarre, Sex Stories has you covered. New stories are typically added about 5 to 15 times a day and are done in bulk.

I'd say that the text layout and size leaves a lot to be desired on Sex Stories, but if you zoom in to around 200%, things get a little easier to enjoy. I wish they'd get rid of the blue background thing – it'd make it a lot better for looking at for extended periods of time. There is a font size increase feature that I recommend you use alongside zooming in – this reduces the number of words per line and makes the reading experience a lot better. Ultimately, a good place for erotic stories, but there are a good number of websites I'd recommend before this one.