Punch Pin Review

#3 in Pin Porn Sites

Punch Pin is supposed to be a website that operates like Pintrest, only that it serves to focus entirely on the interests of guys. This is 'men stuff' taken to a whole new level, but I'm sure you can imagine that instead of sports cars, designer watches and the like, Punch Pin has slowly turned into a destination for sexy images and short, hardcore porn GIFs. I'm not going to complain and honestly, I don't think many dudes are either. We all love a good site devoted to porn, right? I sure hope so, based on what we've got here!

A lot of categories are available for you to browse through, including both adult and non-adult themed ones. People seem to have their own boards though, and regularly submit hardcore porn and erotic art to them. Punch Pin has a great advantage of offering both amateur and professional material: so many guys love a good sexy selfie, and it stands to reason that a few dudes are always going to want to only focus on stuff that doesn't come from professional studios. I do like that you can pick and choose the preview thumbnails on the homepage, as it makes browsing to your own tastes just that little bit easier.

One of the problems I found here was that Punch Pin doesn't seem to be that active, and the lack of submission dates makes it quite hard for me to pinpoint exactly when new stuff is added to the archive. I guess the collective action problem has to be solved somehow, so be sure to sign up and submit a few pieces of content yourself: if enough do it, this will soon become a great place for men to relax, kick back and enjoy some X-rated goodness.

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