Pornbb Review

#1 in Adult Forums

Porn forums might not be the most popular medium of exchange for adult entertainment in the modern era, but the history of XXX material online has long had these types of sites at the forefront of sharing mature videos and pictures with the world. Today, I'm going to be taking a look at Porn BB – one of the most popular and established forums out there in this category. It's pink, popular and has been around for many, many years. It also happens to be my #1 favorite porn forum out there – so let's dive in and see what's up for grabs, shall we?

I think for a lot of people, numbers are the most important thing when they're considering joining a porn forum. currently boasts an incredible number of posts: across its multiple sub-forum groups. I'd estimate that somewhere around 25 to 30 million submissions have been made here on Porn BB – it does have a counter at the bottom, but from what I can tell, this isn't accurate. Sub-forums here consist of places such as celebrity videos, HD movies, softcore pictures and VR porn. There's nothing too extreme or focused – I'd say that Porn BB is quite vanilla in this regard.

Lots of post have been made by power users and I'm not entirely sure what they're getting out of it, but if you love both professional and homemade productions, has you covered. Thousands of new posts are made on a daily basis and the design/navigation are easy to use and a joy to behold. Certainly one of the better destinations out there right now for porn forum entertainment.