Forum Xnxx Review

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XNXX is one of the biggest porn tubes on the Internet these days and you might be surprised to hear that they've got an adult forum where people can talk about all things naughty. It's pretty obvious when landing on the page just who owns this site: the blue theme with yellow text is a dead giveaway! Anyway, I'm happy to see that XNXX has kept things nice and simple here with just six different boards to check out, including the likes of personals, forum games, sex stories and a general discussion section.

Despite the tube being large, I wouldn't have suspected that it could house the 9 or so million posts that have been made across 500,000 threads featured here. I love that on the right-hand side of the forum, you'll see a list of the new posts – of which there are new ones made on a minute-by-minute basis – and profile changes. XNXX's forums seem to have a big personals section too, with around 1 million posts here alone. If you're a guy or a girl that wants to find some fun from an online porn tube site, this might just be the spot for you!

Ultimately, whether or not you use XNXX's adult forum comes down to what you're looking for. Plenty of other forum communities seem to be about sharing adult material, but that's not quite the case on XNXX: it's more about discussion, socializing and meeting other people that share similar sexual interests. Don't get me wrong, there is a pretty sizable section for content, but it pales in comparison to some of the other forums we've got listed here. Still, a good community-based forum with plenty of top notch threads to read in multiple boards.