Extreme Tube Review

#1 in Fetish#21 in Porn Tubes

While most porn tubes that we have recommended here on Porn Guide are in the business of all types of sex, Extreme Tube looks to focus on material that is a little more hardcore – or interesting – than you'll find elsewhere on the Internet. The homepage features gangbangs, hardcore anal, teens being choked on cock and that type of thing: pretty much any type of hardcore material here is covered, and you'll never be without some extreme porn to enjoy when you make this your go-to video streaming service. Now, let's take a closer look at what's on offer here at Extreme Tube, shall we?

The first thing you'll notice is the 'categories' on the left-hand side of the page, that takes you to areas featuring material across niches such as bondage, double penetration, fucking machines, femdom, fisting, latex, squirting and more. Extreme Tube then lets you sort these filtered results based on a few different metrics, including upload date, content popularity, average rating and length of scene. Given that there are thousands of clips to go through, these advanced sorting tools are a great addition to the site to ensure a smooth search experience.

One thing I will mention that leaves Extreme Tube off of the absolute top list that we have here is the lack of model tagging: pornstars don't have profiles here, so it's not easy to see uploaded material from the same girl in action. You can download scenes if you'd like, but that requires an account – something that a few other tubes out there don't need if you want local content storage. Ultimately, the fetish nature of the material on Extreme Tube is what sells it: if that excites you, then head on over there today and get dirty with some wild BDSM porn.