Asstr.Org Review

#2 in Erotic Story

When landing on the homepage of ASSTR – which stands for Alt Sex Stories Text Repository – you'll be given the chance to either head into the website or the FTP area of the site. If you're looking for bulk downloads of erotic text, it goes without saying that the first option is the best. That said, for most people, I think going for the standard website layout is their best bet. So what is ASSTR? Basically, it's an archive of material that showcases works from over 1,000 authors, all of which have produced kinky, bizarre and taboo adult texts.

Dozens of new stories are added on a weekly basis, although you'll probably want to visit the 'archives' page to start looking through all of the content that has been batched together. Basically, people who use the site often have curated lists such as ""Asian Sex Stories"" and ""Damsels in Distress"" to help people with very specific interests find material they'll enjoy. ASSTR also has a ""random story"" feature that lets you go and read something you likely wouldn't have found otherwise. Like many erotic literature archives, the layout and design of ASSTR is a bit basic and aged.

The site is 100% free to use and has been since it began 14 years ago. While most people looking for mainstream erotic literature will struggle to get their hands on material they enjoy, for people that like their sex to be a little freakier, this is the place for you. Lots of fantasy and magical material comes out on, so be sure to visit if you're someone that loves delving into the wonderful world of crazy erotic fiction.